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Professional Testimonials

A opinião de quem nos conhece

“The partnership we establish with Católica Lisbon has been an excellent contribution to support all backgrounds’, experiences and thinking styles diversity that we understand as fundamental in an industry in continuous change.”

Cristina Campos
Novartis - ​Managing Director


There are 3 pillars in everyone’s career development: Values; Knowledge and Willpower. Catolica Executive Education is a key partner when it comes down to reassuring and standing out your values, transmitting and showing the state of the art in business knowledge and shaking up your willpower. A big thank you to Catolica for being a “game changer” in my career development.

Gonçalo Barral 
Essilor - CEO


“The exercise of an excellence advocacy requires today much more than a legal technical training strictly. The partnership we establish with Católica Lisbon allows us to complement our lawyers’ training in much more diverse areas and sectors and play a decisive role to a better knowledge in the business area of our clients.”

João Mattamouros Resende
Cuatrecasas - ​Partner


"It was possible with Católica Lisbon to develop a program which enabled hundreds of employees to serve the best clients, to a better understanding and evaluate the risk, and especially to have a bigger opening to changes."


José João Guilherme
Caixa Geral De Depósitos - ​Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

“Católica Lisbon has been a longtime partner, in manager’s development and growing at Jerónimo Martins, in particular through our “Strategic Management Programme Católica | Kellogg”. The challenge is to think differently, the restlessness feeling in embracing new knowledge and an multidimensional analysis in addressing problems, has been a continuous stimulation and a motivation factor in our teams. Our partnership in this programme it is clearly a winning bet and an investment for the future.”

Marta Maia
Jerónimo Martins - Chief People Officer


"The development of employees, along with being an important means of personal development, is assumed at NOS as a strategic area for sustained business growth and competitiveness. The existing partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON is undoubtedly an important pillar in implementing this continuous value creation strategy through the maximization of individual competencies in the areas of management and leadership."

Miguel Almeida


The partnership with Universidade Católica has been very important in the development of our leaders. Nowadays, what it is requested to a leader is significantly different from what was requested some years ago, constituting one important factor in the transformation of our leadership, which we started recently. We have today leaders more focused in people and their development, aware that with only one combined work, in team, it is possible to achieve more sustainable results in this VUCA world. Católica has been really important in this process.

Nuno Filipe
BPI - HR Director


At EY - Ernst & Young talent is key to better serve our customers and building a better working world. We hire exceptional people and Católica Lisbon plays an important role in helping us nurturing our talent through Leadership and Sales Programmes. This has been crucial to support us building transformative leaders who wins hearts and minds as well our commercial capability. A long lasting partnership which will last for the future.

Teresa Freitas
Talent Team, EY - Director


“The tourism sector, which still is an industry of people for people, has been a huge transformation over the years. The partnership with Católica Lisbon has been vital to assure the ongoing update and qualification of the leaderships, so critical to its motivation, development and to its business success at the 15 countries where Pestana Hotel Group works.”

Verónica Soares Franco
Pestana Hotel Group - ​Member of Executive Committee


"Today it is not possible to separate the creation of value from the knowledge accumulation. Therefore, invest in the development of our staff is at the forefront of the strategic priorities of GRUPO JOSÉ DE MELLO. We found in CATÓLICA-LISBON,  a partner who understood our position and has strongly contributed to strengthening the technical and management skills of our staff."

Vasco Mello
GRUPO JOSÉ DE MELLO - Chief Executive Officer

“The incessant discovery that the MSD brings in its innovation is essentially the result of the curiosity of its people. We value partnerships and reveal the knowledge. The Católica Lisbon collaboration allowed us to anticipate trends and made it easier to our people’s answer towards the requirements put by the society around our activity. This partnership has been a winning bet for what brings us value and news.”

Vitor Virgínia
MSD Portugal - Managing Director


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