Key Facts:

It includes

These sessions are sector studies based in visits to luxury brands/companies. The guest speakers are professionals from the luxury sector visiting CATÓLICA-LISBON in order to share their experience.


These sessions aim to know projects and portuguese success cases in the luxury area. It is also a privileged space of discussion and networking.

During a weekend in a relaxed and creative environment, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy various luxury initiatives including visits to the scenes of this very particular universe where the magic happens. They will also have the privilege of establishing, again, direct contact with the protagonists of this universe, a journey filled with moments of knowledge, fun and networking.

Main Benefits

Understanding luxury and its role on society and economy, and apprehend its intangible and emotional dimensions.

Attain a current, comprehensive, and integrated view of the luxury universe and its actors, as well as its challenges and future trends.

Understand the consumer's features and expectations towards products and luxury services, and its challenges and future trends.

Mastering the marketing tools adapted to the specificities of luxury brands management.

Knowing the main sectors of activity associated to luxury and apprehending the essential information on its organization and management particularities.

Mónica Seabra-Mendes, Program Director, presents some insights about Paradoxical Rules: