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Webinar Series on Social Innovation, Scaling and Impact

The webinars for social entrepreneurs are part of the EIB Institute & Católica-Lisbon Series on “SOCIAL INNOVATION, SCALING, AND IMPACT” developed by Católica-Lisbon and sponsored by EIB Institute for the SIT Alumni.

These webinars allow participants to maintain focus on their learning journey, assess their progress on scaling and financing, as well as explore emerging topics.

Check out our latest sessions:

The Future of Social Innovation and Impact Investing in Portugal and Europe

presented by Professor Filipe Santos and Filipe Almeida, President of Portugal Inovação Social

In this Webinar, Professor Filipe Santos and Filipe Almeida address questions submitted by viewers, regarding current and future trends in social innovation and impact investing.

The Power of Words: How Best to Persuade Investors with Language

presented by Professor João Cotter Salvado

In this Webinar, João Cotter Salvado provides nine research-based language tricks that you can use to improve your chances to convince investors, founded on the three essential components of persuasion: Ethos, Logos and Pathos.

Leading Systemic Change

presented by Frederico Fezas Vital

In this Webinar, Frederico Fezas Vital interviewed Silvia López Herrero and drived an exciting discussion to clarify the buzzword "Systems Change". What it is and how it can be related to social entrepreneurs? What is the real challenge dimension of addressing the root causes of social problems, the components and structures that cause the system to behave in a certain way? Can we identify if, by our initiatives, we are only mitigating the consequences of malfunctioning systems? What's the real importance of developing a system thinking approach? Are there any good cases that can illustrate how a systems change approach can make a difference?

Responsible Business & Leadership: Now is the Time

presented by Nuno Moreira da Cruz - Director of the Center for Responsible Business & Leadership at Católica-Lisbon 

Sustainability needs to be at the core of any business strategy. In this Webinar, Nuno Moreira da Cruz will refer to examples of companies leading the way in different industries, the main trends and crucial leadership skills in this "new world”. Can Social entrepreneurs scale their impact by becoming key partners of established companies on their "Sustainability road map"? How?"

Leading Teams for Social Innovation

presented by Kátia Almeida - Director of BELIEVE & LEAD at Girl Move Academy

How can social entrepreneurs evolve from a disruptive or creative idea to a tangible solution while effectively engaging the team in the process? Teams are critical for any venture or adventure we embrace, especially if the expectation is related with a better world and/or a better life for others. Kátia Almeida, Director of BELIEVE & LEAD, Girl Move Academy, will explore critical aspects to consider and tips to not only engage but to keep the team motivated and committed over time.

Social Innovation Q&A Webinar

presented by Professor Filipe Santos

Professor Filipe Santos, world expert in social entrepreneurship and social innovation and Chair of the European Venture Philanthropy Association, answered questions submitted by participants covering 4 main topics: Fundamentals of Social Innovation;  Partnering with large companies; “Non profit/ for profit” concerns;  Financing and other latest trends in the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Business Model Innovations for Impact

presented by João Santos - Investment Principal at MAZE

Social entrepreneurs will come across the question of what type of business model they should adopt to build a strong and sustainable foundation for their venture to create even more impact. In this Webinar, João Santos, Investment Principal at Maze, has provided an overview of business models from different industries that are worth considering when taking your impact venture to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Frederico Fezas Vital interviews Rafic Daud - Co-Founder and Executive Director of UNDANDY

Frederico Fezas Vital was the host of this webinar having with him a very special guest who has made a successful path in digital - Rafic Daud, Co-Founder and Executive Director of UNDANDY. From this webinar, you will learn what are the best Digital Marketing tools and strategies and discuss how they can work or be adapted to an impact venture

Mistakes in Win-Win Negotiations

Nuno Delicado - negotiations consultant and professor (INSEAD, LKYSPP, UCP, IES-SBS), social entrepreneur, founder of Pluris and SportImpact

‘Win-lose’ negotiations often generate unpleasant dynamics and poor outcomes. However, there are also many misconceptions associated with ‘win-win negotiations’. It is easy to fall into certain traps if we are not aware of them. In this webinar, we discuss 10 common mistakes in win-win negotiations to help you build awareness of them and improve negotiation results through conscious practice. This webinar is about helping you get more of what you want (while building healthy relationships).

Learning from failures

Frederico Fezas Vital interviews Joe Santos, Social entrepreneur and Founder of Vencer Autismo.  

Failures are most of the times underestimated and cause of shame. We will see some cases of how failures can become successes and discuss how to extract the lessons for the future in our projects.

Financing Instruments for Impact

Professor Filipe Santos

How can social entrepreneurs obtain financing to operate and scale? Prof. Filipe Santos presents the portfolio of financing instruments available for scaling impact ventures and initiatives, particularly in the European context. You can gain insights into the world of innovation awards, crowdfunding, strategic philanthropy, social impact bonds, impact investing and blended models and understand which ones are better adapted to your life-cycle stage and type of business model.

Creative Leadership

Kátia Almeida - Director of BELIEVE & LEAD at Girl Move Academy

This Webinar focus on the leadership needs considering the environments and problems we are operating in, with special relevance to creative leadership tools to address complex problems.

Social Franchising (with case study "Speak")

Professor Filipe Santos interviews Hugo Aguiar, CEO of SPEAK

How best to scale your social innovation using a social franchising model. Hugo Aguiar CEO of SPEAK, shares his experiences, challenges and learnings from scaling SPEAK across Portugal and Europe.