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CATÓLICA-LISBON Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program rewards students who demonstrate a high level academic performance. The program is open to all CATÓLICA-LISBON students that achieve the grade average established for each year.

What are the conditions for awarding CATÓLICA-LISBON Scholarships for the 2020 Intake?

1st Year

  • Scholarships are awarded in line with the CATÓLICA-LISBON Application GPA;
  • Students awarded with the TOP+ 2 years Scholarship must pass all 1st year courses in order to maintain the Scholarship in the 2nd Year;
  • The application GPA necessary to be awarded with the Scholarships for the next academic year is announced in June, immediately after the publication of the National Mathematic Exam results.

(Scholarships and Average Grades were applied to students accepted on the 2019 intake. For the 2020 intake the reference grades can suffer modifications. CATÓLICA TOP+ 2 YEARS scolarship only applies to students who are able to pass all 1st year' subjects)

What are the conditions for awarding CATÓLICA-LISBON Scholarships for current students?


2nd and 3rd Years

GLOBAL AVERAGE Weighted average of grade of all courses that the student has passed, according to the corresponding number of ECTS.


Please take into consideration that the reference grades can suffer modifications

How does it Work?

  • The Scholarships are awarded each year to all students who fulfill the above requirements, in terms of GPA and ECTS;
  • The Scholarships are awarded automatically and there is no need for students to apply for the Program;
  • As the scholarships are awarded each year, a student who was ineligible for the first year can be granted a scholarship in the second and/or third year upon fulfilling the requirements mentioned above.
​​Financial Aid - UCP Social Grants

Since its founding UCP has always made great efforts to ensure that no student is denied access to its courses due to financial restrictions.

Where an application to the University proves that a high potential student requires financial support, the Social Services Office of the University may completely cover or partly cover tuition fees through the following entities:

  • Study Grant;
  • Reduction of tuition fees.