The Political Economy of European Integration - 4th Trimester 2020/21

3.5 ECTs / Trimester-Long Course / English

The course takes a political economy approach to analyse the process of European integration. It discusses the evolution of European integration in terms of its various stages/levels, with emphasis on its regulatory character, notably the single market and EMU, and examines the question of an optimal size of the Union (incl. Brexit). It also looks at the creation of EU institutions, notably the building-up of EMU and economic governance. Departing from the global and Eurozone crises, it assesses the various possible paths for completing and sustaining EMU and discusses the sustainability of the European Union in economic, financial and political terms.

Prerequisites: Yes (see syllabus)


Associate Professor (Adjunct)
Francisco Torres’ broader area of research and teaching is European Political Economy (EPE). He has been EPE Visiting Senior Fellow…