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Frequently asked Questions | Fall 2021-2022

Starting this new chapter in your academic and professional life is exciting.  The purpose of this webpage is to provide you with information about our teaching strategy for the Fall semester to help you plan your Master journey at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

As we are adapting to the context as it changes we will be updating this page with the most updated information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our students come from every corner of the world, so some of you may face greater uncertainty related to travel limitations.  Exceptionally, if you cannot obtain a visa or travel to Portugal or face other restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic that prevents you from physically attending classes, you will be able to follow all classes remotely and synchronously, i.e., in real-time (Lisbon Timezone).

This includes the on-campus sessions since classrooms will be equipped with video conferencing technology, allowing remote students to interact with the instructor and classmates in real-time; it does not include mid-term exams (October 17th - 23rd)) and end-term exams (December 11th - 20th), which are expected to be taken physically on CATÓLICA-LISBON campus.

To attend all classes online, you should submit a “request for exemption from physical presence at School” attaching all necessary documentation (travel itinerary, boarding passes, medical declarations, etc.).

Classes will start on August 30th with a hybrid learning model.

This model combines face-to-face and online teaching into a cohesive learning experience. To achieve that, we have increased the number of sections for most courses (thus reducing the number of students in each section) and introduced an alternating schedule between on-campus and online sessions to offer you the best combination of physical and digital learning.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the hybrid learning model. However, if you are unable to do so for any of the reasons below, you may request exemption from classes on campus:

  • travel ban or visa issues;
  • quarantine isolation for high-risk contact with a confirmed case for COVID-19;
  • positive COVID-19 test (until full recovery);
  • other medical condition that prevents you from being at school;
  • being in an increased risk group for coronavirus (yourself or cohabitants);
  • have taken the 1st COVID vaccine dose in your home country and have the 2nd dose scheduled for the beginning of the academic year.

To request exemption, please submit this form along with details and documents to support it.  This exemption does not cover exams.

The exams for the 1st Trimester/1st Semester courses will take place on campus.

The exams for the 1st Trimester/1st Semester courses will take place on campus, and an exemption from on-campus courses will not include exams. Should this plan change (for sanitary or other restrictions set by the government), we will make adjustments accordingly and notify students.

This requirement may be fulfilled in two different ways*: 

  • International internship: non-credit granting company internship with a minimum duration of 6 weeks, in a country other than Portugal and your home country (if not the same). Prior professional experience obtained internationally can be used to fulfil this requirement (subject to validation by the Careers & Talent Office), if completed after June 1st of the year before the beginning of the MSc program.
  • Academic experience abroad: double degree or exchange semester. For additional information please contact the International Relations Office.

*Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to take the initiative and liaise with the respective offices to ensure the viability of your choice.

This international requirement may be fulfilled in different ways:

  • Academic experience abroad: Double Degree or Exchange Semester. For additional information please contact the Double Degree Office or the Outgoing Office.
  • Current or prior international internship or professional experience in a third country, subject to validation by the Careers & Talent Office (Internship Validation Manual)
  • Internship or professional experience in an international company in Portugal or in your home country. It will be considered an international company if it is present in more than one country or with clients outside own country (that is, with more than 30% of their sales to/in international markets/non-domestic market). This must be mentioned in the proof of internship when validating it (Internship Validation Manual)
  • A volunteering experience in a third country lasting at least 6 weeks full time. This must be validated similarly to the internships (Internship Validation Manual)

Home company internships or international volunteering should be new experiences (must take place within the period of the master program, not before).

Internships can be conducted in a remote setting, matching the work mode of that company and should involve company supervision, interacting with other members of the company (same requirements as before).

You are expected to undertake a non-credit company internship with a minimum duration of 6 weeks (240 hours).
Prior professional experience can be used to fulfil this requirement if completed after June 1st of the year before the beginning of the MSc program (subject to validation by the Careers and Talent Office). This internship may also be used to fulfil the international requirement if it meets the conditions outlined  in the previous question.


The fulfillment of the internship requirement was particularly challenging during 2020, after the first impact of the pandemic, so this academic requirement was waived for students from Intake 2019.

Career Accelerator Lab Activities will be delivered remotely in a blended format: asynchronous and/or synchronous moments. In asynchronous moments, you will be required to perform some tasks at your rhythm within specific deadlines provided by the trainer or the company.

The synchronous moments will require you to be present at the set date and time in an online session (Zoom, Teams, or other video conference platform). All blended workshops will be hosted on Academy. After enrolling on workshops, on careerNETwork, you will have to access Academy to attend them. (To access Academy, you must create your account using your Unique Digital Identity e-mail: Please note that if you use any other email account to register in Academy, you will not be able to access your workshops. The trainers of the workshops will contact you through the UDI e-mail. As such, in order to ensure that you don’t miss important information, we suggest that you forward the UDI e-mail to an external e-mail account)

For the company sessions usually, you will have to attend a Zoom session through a link indicated on careerNETwork.

If you need further details or assistance, please contact the Career Accelerator Team:

LERNE sessions will be implemented in a hybrid format, both in-person and online. To be eligible to participate in online LERNE sessions, you must belong to one of the following groups:

- Students that are abroad for the Double Degree or ERASMUS outgoing semester;

- Students that are enrolled for dissertation, and are not attending any other curricular activities on Campus;

- Students that were allowed by the school board to attend all curricular activities online for health, visa, or other reasons.

LERNE will receive information regarding which students are eligible to attend online directly from Master Affairs. If you are under any of the previous conditions, before the end of August you will receive an email from LERNE indicating which steps you should follow to participate online. (In order to sign up for participation in the offered research sessions and choose in which schedules to participate, students must enroll in CATÓLICA-LISBON participants’ management system ( ). To create an individual account, please enroll using your UCP student number as UserID, a password will then be sent to your UCP e-mail account. Please enrol in the appropriate intake, e.g., students who started their MSc program in September 2020 must enroll as “MSc program- Sept 2020 intake”.)

If you need further details or assistance, please contact the LERNE team:

The School has shifted to a hybrid teaching model that combines on-Campus with on-line sessions in real-time. This means that you still have to follow the regular schedule for most classes and learning activities.  If you are outside of Portugal, please keep in mind that all schedules are based on Portugal’s time zone. 

Common signs of Covid-19 infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. 

If you believe you may be experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please report them to the national health authorities at SNS 24: 808 24 24 24 (in Portugal) or the health authorities of the country where you are currently in. 

Please familiarise yourself with the latest Portuguese National Health Authority COVID-19 advice. We recommend revisiting this advice regularly, as it is likely to be reviewed, and updated. 

In order to help us keep track of students regarding COVID-19 health issues, please also contact Undergraduate ( or Master Student Affairs (  

The health authorities recommend that anyone in direct contact with someone diagnosed positive for COVID-19 should be in isolation until 14 days have passed from the date of exposure. In case you manifest any symptoms please report them to the national health authorities at SNS 24: 808 24 24 24 (in Portugal) or the health authorities of the country where you are currently. 

We are collaborating with the health authorities keeping track of students, faculty, and staff. We will inform you immediately if we become aware of any possible contact you may have had in School with someone diagnosed positive so that you can take adequate prevention measures. 

The School has implemented the following safety measures: 

  • Everybody must check body temperature every day and if any symptoms associated with Covid-19 are detected, they must stay at home. 
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask on Campus and always walk on the right side to avoid crossing with other people. 
  • There are hand sanitizers at the entrance of the building, next to the vending machines and classrooms. 
  • Students, Faculty and Staff can be tested regularly. You can find more information here.

The courses will follow the hybrid teaching model that we developed to optimize course experience, within the constraints of the current health and safety protocols. Our goal is to maintain the value of the on-Campus interactions and learning while ensuring the safety and protection of all members of our community. 

CATÓLICA-LISBON has received both the COVID SAFE certification from APCER and the COVID OUT certification from ISQ, being the first and only Portuguese business school to obtain double safety certificate. 

  • ​Always wear a mask (indoors and outdoors).
  • Refrain from attending classes if experiencing Covid symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties).
  • Report a positive test or risk contact with confirmed case to Master Affairs (
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid gatherings.
  • Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers.
  • Walk on the right side in the hallways and staircases.

In case you need medical assistance, you should contact the national health authorities at SNS 24 by calling 808 24 24 24

For more specific information, please contact Undergraduate Student Affairs (, Master Student Affairs (, or Incoming Exchange ( 

If you feel sick, you should stay home and contact the national health authorities at SNS 24 by calling 808 24 24 24

The emergency number in Portugal is 112.  You can call regarding any emergency that requires an ambulance, fire department or police. Do not hang up if you call by mistake, tell the operator everything is fine. Otherwise, assistance can be sent. 

You should contact the Master Student Affairs Team (or, if you are enrolled in a Double Degree Program, kindly contact the Double Degree Team).

A great way to clarify any questions you may have about your study plan is to meet the Master Student Affairs Team at a virtual individual meeting session. These events are held regularly throughout the year and offer you the opportunity to learn more about your program structure and requirements.
Schedule your session HERE.

Members of our Master Affairs Team will be available to provide you with all the information you need about enrolment processes, deadlines, procedures, guidelines, fees and scholarships.


To access your remote classes, follow the steps below: 


Your classes will start at the time indicated on your ESCA schedule. You must attend your section timetable and keep in mind that our classes’ schedule is based on Lisbon time zone. 


Your professors will share a link in your courses’ Moodle pages. This link gives you remote access to classes. Please check your course Moodle page carefully – each professor can share the link in different areas of the Moodle page (e.g.: in Announcements, or as a Topic, or as a Message). 

We recommend that you access the Moodle page at least 10 minutes before your class starts to be sure that you have the access link. 

(NOTE: You must use your ESCA credentials to access Moodle.) 


The link shared by your professor can be either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

  1. Zoom: Access the link and wait for access to the class. 
  2. Microsoft Teams: Access the link and wait for access to the class. (In a first phase you will access your class as a guest; once you activate your Microsoft account, you will join as an authenticated user.) 

Useful links: 

As a CATÓLICA-LISBON student, you have access to several e-services, digital resources and IT resources: 

Your student platform is ESCA. Here you will find your academic information like grades, GPA, tuition fees and receipts. You will also use this platform to enrol in your elective courses and make any formal requests you may need. 

To access ESCA use your student number and credentials. If you have trouble accessing it, please send an e-mail to 

If you are having problems with your Microsoft Teams account, please send an e-mail to Make sure you mention your student number and add any necessary print screens to illustrate your problem.  

If you need support with Zoom, please contact the IT Department, using the following e-mail: 

Given the current safety restrictions, there are no rooms or spaces provided for group work on campus. We kindly ask you to continue to schedule all your group meetings in a virtual environment.

The capacity of rooms and common spaces is very reduced in order to comply with current safety restrictions. The school building has some spaces equipped for individual work.  Due to safety measures, they will be limited to use by students who need to wait for the next class or to take an online session scheduled immediately before or after a physical class.  We kindly ask you to continue to schedule all your group meetings in a virtual environment and use these spaces only when needed to bridge your schedule, as described above. For your safety, these areas will be regularly sanitized. They are located in the main hallway in floor 1, and complement the outside seating spaces on the same floor, opened since the start of the school year.

The Cafeteria is open. Service and table layout were adapted to comply with current safety restrictions. The cafeteria tables are only for eating and cannot be used for studying since capacity is already greatly reduced.

Card Store

Location: Building IV on floor 0
You need to take a ticket to “Loja do Cartão” and wait for your turn. Here you can recharge your student card so you can use it for parking or printing.
Near the entrance of the campus there is a machine where you can also recharge your student card.

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday
9 am to 1 pm
2 pm to 4 pm


Photocopy Center (Duplix)


Location: Building IV on floor 0
You need to take a ticket to “Duplix” and wait for your turn.
Please be aware that only 2 students are allowed inside the store at the same time.

(+351) 217 214 025

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday:
9 am  to 5 pm


Library João Paulo II (BUJPII)


Location: Building IV on floor 3.
(Please be aware that the group study rooms are not available)

(+351) 217 214 011

Working Hours:
Monday,Wednesday and Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am to 7 pm


Book Store


Location: Building IV on floor 0

(+351) 217 21 40 20

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday:
9 pm to 5 pm

Stationery Store

Location: Building IV on floor 0

UCP merchandising available on the Online Store

(+351) 217 21 40 26

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday:
8.30 pm to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 5 pm