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International Summer Experience

To deepen you international immersion, you will be able to select one of the following international summer experiences:

  • A summer school experience that can be hosted at a select list of partner schools or at CATÓLICA-LISBON;
  •  A Summer internship in an international environment, which can take place in companies and ONGs, abroad or in Portugal;
  •  A Summer immersion in Campus by completing an intensive course taught over the summer at a foreign campus.


International Business Content

Mandatory courses with adjusted content, generated to reinforce your international perspective on Business and Economics.


Virtual Teams with partner schools

Mimic real professional experiences practiced on multinational companies by performing group assignments with virtual teams that are studying at top partner schools.

Mandatory Exchange Semester

Choose amongst over 130 partnerships with a select group of prestigious business schools worldwide.

Mentors with International Careers

Benefit from the experience of an alumnus who boasts more than 10 years of professional experience and an outstanding international career.


International Learn in Action Activities

Obtain inside information on pertinent subjects for developing international careers and succeeding in a multinational company.



Marketing & Admissions Office - Programas de Licenciatura

Programas de Licenciatura Internacionais


Tel: (+351) 217 214 296

Programas de Licenciatura


Tel: (+351) 217 214 295


Johanna Friess

"Having one of CATÓLICA-LISBON’s alumni as my Mentor has given me the amazing opportunity to discuss every aspect of my academic and professional career."