CATÓLICA-LISBON MSc Internal Admission Test

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Internal Admission Test:

  • has a non-refundable fee of €40
  • is exclusively held at the school’s premises and is computer-based
  • has a duration of 2 hours
  • consists of 40 questions in English inspired form the GMAT exam
  • assesses both your analytical and critical reasoning skills (20 Problem Solving questions and 20 Data Sufficiency questions, covering all degrees of difficulty)

In order to prepare for this test, we suggest that you follow standard  textbooks covering the quantitative part of the GMAT exam: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency, excluding geometry and graph analysis.

You can easily find a list of textbooks online [Kaplan - GMAT Premier Program; Barron's GMAT by Jaffe M.B.A., Eugene D., Hilbert Ph.D., Stephen (Barron's Educational Series); etc.].

Alternatively, you may choose to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), which is a standard international exam for admission to post-graduate programs in Business or Economics.

The MSc Programs code for this exam is: TTX-CX-44.