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Courses Offered | Exchange Students

Check your study plan and the list of courses offered.
Students are strongly encouraged to select courses that fulfill their home university program's requirements, never forgetting their personal interest.

Please note that the enrollment process is on a first-come, first-served basis.

List of Courses Offered 2017/2018
(some syllabi will be available soon)
1st Semester
1st Trimester
2nd Trimester
2nd Semester (Available Soon)
3rd Trimester (Available Soon)
4th Trimester (Available Soon)


List of Courses Offered 2016/2017
1st Semester
1st Trimester
2nd Trimester
2nd Semester
3rd Trimester
4th Trimester

Please note that a course will only be offered if at least 12 students enroll for it.