Participation in Research Sessions at CATÓLICA-LISBON

Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics is the Portuguese leader in management and economics research, whose research work is internationally recognized, published in the top journals, and relied on by organizations and leaders. The research output also includes the work undertaken by MSc students during their thesis semester, culminating in the dissertation project.

This research success of CATÓLICA-LISBON has been achieved through a combination of factors, including a strong research culture, dedicated research facilities, world class faculty, and the active participation of our students in research through innovative applied-learning projects.

The Laboratory of Experimental Research iN Economics and Management (LERNE) is an important part of our research infrastructure. This behavioural laboratory was designed to run academic research studies that are relevant to the business world. MSc students are required to participate in research sessions in return for course credits, a common practice among top research-oriented business schools. Since MSc students have a strong business orientation and many have relevant work experience, they are an ideal population with which to test and refine management and economics theories.

All CATÓLICA-LISBON MSc students are required to complete the Research Methodologies Workshop as part of their study plan. The workshop is designed to prepare students to produce high quality research in the form of a master thesis during their thesis semester. This workshop consists of two mandatory classroom lectures sessions.

In addition, in order to complete the Research Methodologies Workshop participants are required to participate in four research sessions at LERNE. Although in total this amounts to only about 4 hours of research participation, this is a valuable contribution by students to the research projects of the school.

Please note that only one session is offered per month (February to May, and September to December), so this requirement must be completed over the course of at least four months.

In order to manage students enrolment in the studies and the attribution of credits, LERNE has an online research participation system (Sona-system based). Students need to enroll in the system using their UCP e-mail-student number followed by A password will then be sent to the student’s UCP e-mail account, which is accessed through CATÓLICA-LISBON webmail.

LERNE represents a relevant innovative research center at CATÓLICA-LISBON by:

  • Increasing the ability of CATÓLICA-LISBON faculty and researchers to collect experimental data. Data collection is a vital contributor to the quantity and quality of research at CATÓLICA-LISBON, which in turn will increase the teaching, recognition, and impact of the school;
  • Following ethical procedures and internationally accepted guidelines. All studies conducted at LERNE are previously submitted to the Ethics Committee of CATÓLICA-LISBON for approval;
  • Providing learning opportunities through participation in real research projects. Participating in research sessions can provide students with insights into how management and economic research is conducted, and a unique opportunity to learn about a variety of research areas by actually experiencing them.

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