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Newsletter "Have a Great and Impactful Week!"

"Have a Great and Impactful Week!" é a newsletter semanal do Center for Responsible Business & Leadership da CATÓLICA-LISBON.

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"Have a Great and Impactful Week!" é enviada todos os domingos às 17:00, trazendo novas perspetivas e descobertas sobre o mundo da responsabilidade corporativa, da sustentabilidade e da liderança responsável. É frequentemente assinada pelo Diretor Executivo do Centro, Nuno Moreira da Cruz

Consulte abaixo todas as edições anteriores de "Have a Great and Impactful Week!", em língua inglesa. 

Edições anteriores de 
"Have a Great and Impactful Week!"

30/05/2021 - Leadership with Purpose? Certainly much more than just being a “nice guy”…

23/05/2021 - The distinction between financial and non-financial (ESG) metrics will be over soon - for the benefit of the People and the Planet

16/05/2021 - An Open Letter to CEOs: What Can you Expect from Us?

09/05/2021 - Esporão: Living the Purpose

02/05/2021 - Taking water for granted? Better not!

25/04/2021 - The day I discovered that companies can help combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and why it is in their self-interest to do so!

18/04/2021 - To Be a Responsible Leader think “and”, not “or”

11/04/2021 - The Challenge of Putting the Customer at the Centre of Purpose: is Digital a new Opportunity?

04/04/2021 - The Magic of Business and Easter 

28/03/2021 - Are Companies and CEOs able NOT to speak out? It doesn't seem so…

21/03/2021 - The replacement of Danone’s Group CEO: Is it about Purpose vs Profit? Or Purpose AND Profit?

14/03/2021 - On the Science of Profit and Social Responsibility

07/03/2021 - Fashion and sustainability? It’s possible with innovative business and consumption models!

28/02/2021 - Keep one step ahead! Upcoming business and human rights laws

21/02/2021 - Linking C-Suite pay to Sustainability Performance: Which ESGs metrics to set?

14/02/2021 - Digital Business Transformation?: Yet again, all about purposeful leadership!

07/02/2021 - A Pandemic of… Social Entrepreneurship

31/01/2021 - World Economic Forum – Davos 2021

25/01/2021 - The Ethical Pandemics, Or… How mercy meets business

17/01/2021 - “Working from office every day? Nope!”

10/01/2021 - 2021: Year of Dangers, Year of Hope

03/01/2021 - “In the long run we are all dead” - Well, some Companies will…

27/12/2020 - Santa’s Go Green: A Christmas’ Tale

20/12/2020 - Philip Morris and the Tobacco Industry - Kill your business, before you die with it

13/12/2020 - Research Note: Purpose-Driven Consumption Building - The Dialogue Between Companies And Consumers

06/12/2020 - The Fashion Industry path towards Sustainability: We are Watching You!

29/11/2020 - DANONE - Stakeholder vs shareholder primacy: a concrete example

22/11/2020 - We are now a member of the UN Global Compact!

15/11/2020 - Leadership with Purpose: What does it take

08/11/2020 - Sustainable Development Goals event in Lisbon Partnership with House of Beautiful Business and Lisboa Green Capital

01/11/2020 - Shifting the capital towards… ESG

25/10/2020 - Impact Accounting: How come a “bad” $1m result equals a “good” $1m result? 

18/10/2020 - Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism

11/10/2020 - Sustainable Development agenda: the path to succeed

27/09/2020 - Manage with Purpose for Impact - B tools are here to help

20/09/2020 - Business Roundtable: Corporate America taking a stand on Climate Change!

13/09/2020 - Rio Tinto: An Unusual Decision

06/09/2020 - Purpose-driven Business An innovative and inspiring Online Executive Program to start in October

30/08/2020 - In These Turbulent, Divided Times, Lead With Beauty ...but not in a superficial, "beautifying" way

23/08/2020 - Is António Costa Silva's Strategic Vision for 2020-2030 Aligned with the SDGs?

16/18/2020 - How to Navigate the Pandemic: A Social Psychological Toolkit

09/08/2020 - It's our world as well! Oil & Gas reimagining sustainable energy…

02/08/2020 - Infectious Diseases as an Economic & Global Health Threat: The importance of Responsible Leadership to bring it to an end

26/07/2020 - 1-year Anniversary of CRB: An Overview of Our Activities

19/07/2020 - “Entreprise à Mission” – the case of Danone “A mission that is part of our DNA”

12/07/2020 - Greed is not good: The case of Wirecard

05/07/2020 - Key learnings from our Online Water Summit:
Water scarcity is undeniable, businesses have a clear role to play, partnerships are crucial and the time for action is now

28/06/2020 - How to Navigate the Pandemic: The Human Cognition Toolkit

21/06/2020 - True leadership and adaptive change: Organizational responses to "Black Lives Matter" crisis

14/06/2020 - “Next Generation EU”: A Unique Opportunity to create a Stronger Europe and a more Sustainable World

07/06/2020 - Is COVID-19 an opportunity to rethink our business ethics?

31/05/2020 - How to Grow without destroying the Planet and not leaving anybody behind: The Doughnuts Economics

24/05/2020 - Tap Into The Power Of Autonomy To Engage Your Employees: An opportunity even during a crisis

17/05/2020 - Leadership in times of Crisis: The best and the worst in the same week

10/05/2020 - Will the COVID-19 crisis prevent corporate engagement with a more sustainable future?

03/05/2020 Water as a Value Driver for Sustainable Growth: Water Summit on 25 and 26 June 2020

26/04/2020 Research Note and Crisis

19/04/2020 The five trade-offs of the crisis

12/04/2020CSR – Much Ado about Nothing? - Part II: Let's talk about "Responsibility" 

05/04/2020CSR – Much Ado about Nothing? - Part I: Shareholders First

29/03/2020 Virtual Conferencing in times of crisis

22/03/2020 Pandemic and Sustainability - Challenge and Hope

15/03/2020Impact Investment: A New Wave Approaching

08/03/2020 - Gender Equality: Why is this happening? 

01/03/2020 - CATÓLICA-LISBON has signed a partnership with Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus for the establishment of the first Yunus Social Business Center (YSBC) in Portugal

23/02/2020 - Water as a value driver for sustainable growth: Water Summit on April 3rd at CATÓLICA-LISBON

16/02/2020 - BP announced new Purpose and Ambitions: "We want to be wanted, not just needed"

09/02/2020 - Walmart: "Investing" in salaries

02/02/2020 - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A new decade to transform threats into opportunities

26/01/2020 - Key messages from Davos 2020 - World Economic Forum

19/01/2020 2019 Larry Fink Letter: "We are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance"

12/01/2020 - The role of Business Schools in the Age of Purpose

05/01/2020 - Green Finance – Wind blowing in the right direction

29/12/2019 - Sustainable Leadership: what does it take? 

22/12/2019 - How much value does corporate volunteering generate? 

15/12/2019 - Patagonia - a leading sustainable company

08/12/2019 - Climate Change Conference: Path of Hope or Path of Surrender?

01/12/2019 - Philanthropy and Responsible Business

25/11/2019 - Which measures to trust?

17/11/2019 - Greenwashing

10/11/2019 - GDP: Measure of last century?

03/11/2019 - The link Sustainability strategy to bottom line

27/10/2019 - B-Corporations: a step ahead

20/10/2019 - Purpose and Authenticity – two sides of the same coin

13/10/2019 - Purpose – Why?

06/10/2019 - Social Responsibility, Companies and Saramago

29/09/2019 - Responsible Business: five social trends

22/09/2019 - Invitation to Reflection for Executives

15/09/2019 - The Center for Responsible Business & Leadership

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Center for Responsible Business & Leadership tem como principal objetivo a contribuição para a Sustentabilidade e Liderança Responsável se transformarem "na forma como fazemos as coisas no nosso planeta". 

A Responsabilidade Corporativa (na sua perspetiva holística que não inclui apenas aspetos ambientais mas também sociais e de governância) está a transformar-se numa parte essencial das estratégias corporativas, e o Centro aspira desenvolver conhecimento entre estudantes e executivos para enfrentar estes desafios. 

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