Message from our Dean #25

Segunda, Julho 5, 2021 - 17:38

Subject: Launch of CORE, 2M euros Alumni donation, Rankings news

Dear members of the CATÓLICA-LISBON community,

This Tuesday July 6th at 17h we close this year’s cycle of Knowledge Conferences with the seminar “Future Trends for Consumption and Retail” that also marks the launch of CORE – Center for Consumer Well-being and Retail Innovation. CORE leverages the deep expertise of the faculty and researchers of CATÓLICA-LISBON in the areas of marketing, consumer behaviour and sustainable consumption, developing knowledge and insights for the future of retail sector in partnership with Portuguese companies. Click here to register for this final knowledge conference of the academic year.

Since the pandemic started, we Stood United with our community through our Knowledge@CATÓLICA-LISBON conferences series. We organized in the last 15 months more than 50 digital conferences, reaching more than 18,000 people live in zoom, plus 33,000 others in social media streaming. With our focus on knowledge for impact we continue to enlighten and inspire. See here a short celebration video.

Last month was prolific with very good news for our School. On June 17th we received one of the largest ever alumni donations in Portugal – Filipe de Botton and Alexandre Relvas donated 2M euros for the construction of our new building, through Logoplaste, the packaging company they developed into a global leader since their graduation from CATÓLICA-LISBON in 1981. Our fundraising campaign, still in private mode, is gaining strong momentum and will be launched publicly later this year, as the development of Campus Veritati continues.

On June 21st the Financial Times released the rankings of the best Masters in Finance and we increased three places to 23rd best in the world, the only Portuguese school in the top 50 to improve in the ranking. Notably, our Masters in Finance was ranked 7th best in the world on career progression of our graduates. This is a testament to the quality of our program, faculty and students.

And on June 22nd we launched the new study from PROSPER, our Center of Economics for Prosperity, on the impact of the pandemic in Portugal. The study estimated 400,000 new poor people in Portugal and an increase of 9% in inequality. The study, using micro-data from Portuguese households, received more than a hundred mentions in Portuguese media and is one of our contributions to the debate on the impacts of the pandemic and how to recover the Economy. You can access the study here.

I wish you all a wonderful Summer and I will get back to you on September 1st as we welcome our new Undergraduate and Masters Classes. #WeStandUNITED as a community, aligned by our purpose of contributing with knowledge, learning and action to a prosperous economy capable of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of all citizens.


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