Esporão is a Portuguese wine and olive oil company which Purpose is “to make the finest products that nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way.”

This sentence summarizes the culture of the company, which has been cultivated and experienced for many years, throughout all levels of the organization. Thus, Esporão strategy is oriented and guided by two main references: “products” and “nature”. It is important to emphasize that both references are not developed over static patterns. Over its history, Esporão has deeply cultivated and endorsed the concept of change. On the “product side”, for instance, we can highlight the volatility of the market and its recurring changes, especially when affected by a structural change, as the pandemic we are living through. On the “nature” side, there is a permanent change that happens consecutively, as nature is never able to perfectly replicated the same conditions. That means that the olive trees and the vineyards are always unique and never the same they were the year before – on the year to come. 

Thus, every year, external changes require a great capacity for the company to adapt.

At Esporão, we believe that to implement a "change" it is necessary to first "uninstall” what is being done - and these are two fundamental components in the everyday life of Esporão. The company thrives through its capability to accept and embrace change, a process that has been under development for a while and has already provided the organization with incredible adaptability skills. 

The organization has also implemented digitization far beyond an initial phase or experience. This is how despite the pandemic, Esporão managed to have organizational results in 2020 that were, in almost every way, better than the ones from 2019.

Today, Esporão is globally recognized for its leadership position on “organic production”, already certified in Alentejo and Douro and soon also in the Vinho Verde Region. It is important to note that biological production, for the time being, has less to do with the quality of the product itself but more with all the difference it requires in relation to nature.

As an organization, we are deeply committed not only to live our Purpose but also to be able to inspire others in the industry to live up to the same level of commitment towards nature and people.

Have a great and impactful week!

José Roquette
Chairman of Grupo Esporão

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