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To enrich your international experience, you can choose to do an exchange semester or a Double Degree with one of CATÓLICA-LISBON's prestigious partner schools around the world.

The International immersions gained through these experiences are highly valued by recruiters and likely to increase the potential for an international career.


Spend one year at CATÓLICA-LISBON followed by a second year at the partner school of your choice.

A Double Degree experience offers you the opportunity to gain a deep international understanding. At the end of the program you will be granted with two diplomas – one from CATÓLICA-LISBON and one from our partner school.

Above all, the international immersion gained through this experience is highly valued by recruiters and likely to increase the potential for an international career.

What is a Double Degree?

A Double Degree is a joint program that allows you to:

  • Study at two top business and economic schools;
  • Receive two diplomas, one from each University;
  • Create a differentiating factor in your CV;
  • Spend the first academic year at CATÓLICA-LISBON and the second academic year at a partner School;
  • Both programs are taught in English;
  • Enroll in a Master Program with the duration of 4 semesters.

Why a Double Degree?

  • To challenge yourself academically, through new academic experiences;
  • To increase your cultural and social experiences;
  • To explore a new business environment;
  • To create an international business network;
  • To spend one full year abroad in a great city and a great school;
  • To be part of an international community;
  • To gain a passport for an international career.

Who Can Apply?

  • Candidates with an exceptional curriculum;
  • Candidates previously admitted to CATÓLICA-LISBON Master Programs;
  • Candidates with strong international orientation.

Partner Schools

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General Requirements for the Double/Joint Degree Programs:

  •  Applications available only during the 1st round applications;
  • Admission to the MSc in Economics: in order to apply for the Double/Joint Degree, candidates must apply and be admitted first to the MSc in Economics;
  • In addition to the Statement of Purpose for the MSc in Economics, candidates are asked to include a motivation letter for the Double/Joint Degree, stating to the Admissions Committee from both CATÓLICA-LISBON and the partner School why they should be selected/considered for this program;
  • After admission to the MSc in Economics, the Admissions Committee will pre-select the candidates for the Double/Joint Degree;
  • The pre-selected candidates for the Double/Joint Degree will be interviewed by CATÓLICA-LISBON and/or by the partner School. These interviews will take place in Lisbon, on the CATÓLICA-LISBON campus;
  • After the interviews, admitted students will be required to complete the application documents for the partner School;
  • Admitted students are required to achieve an average of at least 14 in their first year at CATÓLICA-LISBON in order to complete the Double/Joint Degree program.

Please note that some partner schools may have specific entry requirements.

Through the MSc in Economics, you have the opportunity to attend one of the following Double Degrees:


Double Degree with Aston Business School

Founded in 1966, Aston Business School is among 1% of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation. Aston provides students with an inspirational educational experience coupled with strong business links, offering them rapid career progression in international business.

Enroll in a Double Degree Program and you will be awarded two degrees:

  • International MSc in Management, MSc in Economics and MSc in Finance from CATÓLICA-LISBON.
  • MSc Business Analytics, MSc International Business, MSc Entrepreneurship & International Business, MSc Strategy & International Business, MSc Accounting & Finance, MSc Business Economics & Finance, MSc Finance, MSc International Accounting & Finance, MSc Investment Analysis, MSc Strategic Marketing Management from Aston Business School.

Special Requirement:

  • TOEFL score of 93 IBT (26 in writing, 22 in speaking, 18 in reading and 19 in listening) or an IELTS score of 6.5 (6.5 in writing and speaking and 6.0 in reading and listening) or a Pearson Academic test score of 63 (63 in writing and speaking and 57 in listening and reading).

Double Degree with BI Norwegian Business School

Norway’s second largest institution for education and research, BI has educated more than 200,000 candidates in Business Administration and Economics.

Enroll in a Double Degree Program and you will be awarded two degrees:

MSc in Economics from CATÓLICA-LISBON Degree in BI
Major in Banking & Finance MSc in Business, Major in Finance
MSc in Business, Major in Economics
MSc in Finance
Major in Macroeconomic Policy MSc in Business, Major in Economics
Major in General Economics MSc in Business, Major in Economics
Major in Public Policy & Regulation MSc in Business, Major in Economics
Students' Experiences in the double degree

"The double degree between CATÓLICA-LISBON and BI is perfect for students that are looking for a challenging experience.

The main interest is definitely the change in terms of culture, economy, weather and obviously, studies. Both universities are very complementary. As an example, doing my Master thesis report at BI was great thanks to its fabulous library and talented researchers."

Hortense Lasserez, France

Double Degree CATÓLICA-LISBON and BI

Joint Degree with Université Catholique de Louvain

Founded in 1425, Université Catholique de Louvain is one of the best Business Schools according to the Financial Times Ranking.

Enroll in one of the following Joint Master Degrees in Economics:

  • Joint Master Degree in Economic Theory;
  • Joint Master Degree in General Economics.

You will be issued with a Master en Sciences Économiques Orientation Générale à Finalité Approfondie or à Finalité Spécialisé by UCL and FUNDP and an International MSc in Economics by CATÓLICA-LISBON.

“If you are planning to do a Master in Economics, a Joint Degree is definitely one of the best options. It offers you the best of two universities, and a really international environment. If you are willing to have an experience as a teacher assistant, there are plenty of opportunities at CATÓLICA-LISBON. If you plan to work in Portugal, you will have the opportunity to tighten your relationships with companies and the career office.

Louvain is a student city, where you can travel all over Europe. Focusing in the academic experience, Louvain offers you a wider range of subjects you can choose. You also can learn how to use many different software, which can be a key factor for proceeding with a research career or even to apply for a job.

During my last year at Louvain, I discovered what I really wanted to do in my life. Now I am working in São Paulo and my life would be completely different if I had not applied for this program. Just take a chance.”

João Nery, Portugal

Joint Degree CATÓLICA-LISBON and Université Catholique de Louvain


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