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Are CFA® and Masters in Finance the same thing?

Being a CFA® P University Affiliation Program does not mean that the MiF and the CFA® are the same thing; they are complementary to each other. Because of the breadth and depth of its curriculum, the MiF is appropriate for CFA® candidates and CFA® charter holders alike.

Are there foreign students attending the program?

Every year we receive a few foreign students in the MIF program. Besides that, the great majority of our students have previous international academic or professional experience.   

Do I need to have professional experience to be accepted?

Professional experience is a requirement to be admitted to MIF. If you have less than two year’s professional experience, you should consider applying for a Master of Science program.

Do I really need to present an English certificate?

It is not compulsory to present an English certificate. Previous academic or professional experience in English will be considered. You should refer that on your Statement of Purpose. 

Is it compulsory to proceed to the Master in Finance thesis?

After successfully completing the Master in Finance programme you earn your MIF certificate. You can then decide whether it is important to you to write a thesis in order to earn the official Masters title or not. It is not compulsory to proceed your studies and writing a dissertation, however that can be a plus in your future. 

What is a CFA® Program Partner?

CFA® Institute awards CFA® University Affiliation Program status to recognise finance degree programmes which are (i) academically rigorous and (ii) closely aligned to professional practice. In so doing, the CFA® Institute recognises that professional and academic qualifications are complementary: both play an important role in ensuring the success of the finance industry.

What is the Master in Finance class size?

Usually Master in Finance classes are composed of around 30 students. It is our wish that every student has the opportunity to participate in class and take the best advantage of the programme.


Master in Finance (Gabinete de Admissões)

Phone: (+351) 217 225 071
Fax: (+351) 217 270 252


Executive Masters - MIF - Marcos Ribeiro

Marcos Soares Ribeiro

Executive Director of Corporate & Investment Banking, Santander Global Banking & Markets
Master in Finance
"The innovative approach of integrating CFA® preparation with this Master in Finance provides the focus and confidence to succeed in such a demanding Program, which otherwise may boil down to a difficult exercise in self-study and motivation."

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