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Each year, CATÓLICA-LISBON recognizes the outstanding performance of Master students for their achievements both during and upon completion of the Master Program.

First-year academic performance

Academic standing throughout the program is determined based on the Grade Point Average (GPA).  The student is required to successfully complete at least 52.5 ECTS of coursework (excluding all Career Accelerator Lab activities) during the first academic year to be eligible for the performance recognition described below.

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List, published annually:

  • recognizes the superior academic performance of Master students during their first year in the program;
  • is awarded to the students who rank in the top 20% of their respective Master Program;
  • is based on the weighted GPA for all coursework during the first and second semesters in the program.  

The Dean's List is also a valuable resource for companies looking for high potential among CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Master students. 

Students placed on the Dean’s List will be notified by email during the summer break.

See here the Dean's List - 2019.


Honors upon completion of the Master Program

Graduation with Honors

The MSc Academic Council will nominate students who rank in the top 10% in their respective Master Programs (Management, Finance or Economics) upon conclusion of their program to graduate with Honors. The ranking for Graduation with Honors is based on the cumulative GPA earned during the program, coursework taken at a partner university during an exchange semester or Double Degree/Joint Degree year and the Master of Science thesis.