Product and Customer Management

5 ECTs / Semester / Inglês

Marketing is the process whereby an enterprise creates value by meeting the needs of its target customers. A firm is thus defined not only by the products it sells, but also by the customers it serves. This course pretends to help students in the usage and implementation of concepts, tools and principles in order to take the right decisions. Products and services are the vehicles each leads to customer value and should be managed with the value proposition in mind. Firms often spend great resources developing new products only to find that consumer adoption is far less than expected. Sometimes the problem is that the final product fails to deliver on its promises. More often, however, the problem is marketing related - either the firm has not involved marketing effectively early on to understand evolving customer needs prior to committing R&D resources, has not properly estimated the product's market potential, or has not adequately determined the most effective marketing actions to persuade consumers to buy. This course will help students avoid such market failures and foster a cohesive understanding of how marketing activity at all phases of the innovation process can maximize ultimate commercial success.

Prerequisites: Marketing


MBA com especialização em Marketing e Licenciado em Administração e Gestão de Empresas pela CATÓLICA-LISBON, onde é regente de Gestão de Marcas nessa…