Rosário Pinto Correia

Executive Education Program Coordinator

MBA from the Wharton School/UNL, holds a master degree from UNL and an undergraduate degree from CATÓLICA-LISBON, where she teaches Marketing in the New Era, coordinates the Sales Management Program (PGV), Internationalization Management and the Communication Strategy Program, is a lecturer in Executive Education and collaborates with the Center for Applied Studies. Member of the Board of Directors of Pharol, SGPS and Oi, SA (where she is a member of the People, Appointments and Remuneration Committee). Maria do Rosário was Director of the Direct Mail Office at CTT-Correios de Portugal, Director of Client Service at McCann-Erickson and Managing Director at OGILVYONE Portugal and at Marie Claire magazine. She was also Communication Director and Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction Director in the Portugal Telecom Group, PT Asia Manager and CEO of Macau Cable TV, Chairman of CTTC/Archway and Chairman & CEO of Ferreira Marques & Irmão, SA/Topázio.