Nuno Cardeal

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nuno Cardeal has a PhD in Strategy - Business Management (ISCTE). Graduated in Mechanical Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico, he made the MBA with a specialization in International Management at CATÓLICA-LISBON. Since 1997, Nuno Cardeal is Professor at CATÓLICA-LISBON, where he teaches Strategy in the Business Administration Undergraduate Program. Since 1995, he is Partner of Grupo Eurodefinição, a group of consulting and training companies. As a consultant, he has worked with clients from diverse business sectors. Nuno Cardeal lived about two years in São Paulo, Brazil, where he was general manager in a manufacturing company.

Shared cluster resources as a source of core capabilities

CATÓLICA-LISBON Researcher(s): Nuno Cardeal & Celine Abecassis-Moedas
Cardeal, N.C., International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2014