Fernando was, before anything else, the best. The best student in his graduation in Economics at Catolica, the best in his graduation in Mathematics at Faculdade de Ciências, the best in his MIT’s PhD, the best professor in the highly technical topics where only he endeavored. Students recognized him as our high priest of pure economics. But he was also the most faithful, devout and pious member of our Faculty. He was, simply, the best of us.

Fernando was also much more than a scientist and a professor. He was also a manager and administrator. From the rarified summits of Game Theory, he was able to descend to the mundane questions of scholarly management. He had been Dean, Vice-rector, Dean for Faculty, always deeply involved in the political, bureaucratic and economic issues of our complex university life.

Above all, Fernando was our pillar; our compass. He was the one who defined the standards, the one who established the rules, the one who kept the lines. He knew what the School should be, and never conceded a jot on that purpose. The high quality he craved, either spiritual, scientific or academic, was always the main drive of his presence. We could count on him to pull us up, to take us to the demanding heights where he was already.

From now on, his memory will keep on being our reference, our pillar and our compass. Because we want him to continue to be proud of us, on that high place where he, we are certain, will continue to look upon us.