Sustainable Finance: The Road Ahead

Friday, November 23, 2018 - 11:44

Today, at the CMVM 2018 Annual Conference, under the theme: “Sustainable Finance: The Road Ahead”, a group of very distinguished guest speakers are aiming to offer an important contribution to the European and national debate on what the financial side of our economies can offer to promote better environmental, social and governance standards. These topics are at the top of the international agenda, including in Europe, but have yet to earn merit in the Portuguese public sphere.

Professor Filipe Santos, Senior Associate Dean and Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at CATÓLICA-LISBON, will participate in two of the discussion panels:


Roundtable: "What is sustainable in finance?"

This panel will look at what should be valued as relevant in environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) and why. Among other topics, the panel will address questions such as whether climate is getting more attention than other ESG factors, and what are the main measurement challenges and how can they be included in models and valuations.

  • Colin Mayer, Peter Moore Professor of Management Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • Filipe Santos, Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
  • José de Matos, Consultant to the Board, Banco de Portugal
  • Peter Kernan, Managing Director, S&P Global
  • Tânia Duarte, Co-founder and Head of Operations at Conduct, Culture, People Research Foundation
  • Ugo Bassi, Director, FISMA, European Commission

Moderator: Rui Peres Jorge, Communication Office, CMVM


Roundtable: "Investing in sustainability. What's in it for me?"

This panel will look at what sustainable investment may offer citizens, as well as the different market players. It will address questions such as whether investors may expect safer investments or higher returns from ESG asset; is there value for shareholders, and if so, does it come at a cost in the short term; are asset managers able to enrich their portfolios through ESG strategies and still meet their fiduciary duties; and, more broadly, what benefits may citizens expect from sustainable investment and what should they be demanding.  

  • António Miguel, Managing Director, Maze; Laboratório de Investimento Social
  • Jorge Moreira da Silva, Director, OECD Development Co-operation Directorate
  • Margarida Couto, President, GRACE - Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial
  • Paul Tang, Member of the European Parliament, Socialist & Democrats
  • Will Martindale, Head of Policy, UNPRI – Principles for Responsible Investment

Moderator: Filipe Santos, Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics

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