Post-Graduation in Management (PGGE) Closing Ceremony

Friday, September 28, 2018 - 16:17

The closing ceremony of the Post-graduation in Management (PGGE) took place last September 20th, in Lisbon. All 58 participants of this Post-Graduation, several teachers and also supporting team, were present at the ceremony.

The PGGE is part of the CATÓLICA-LISBON International Programs in Executive Education, and took place in Lisbon during 3 interpolated weeks.

Coordinated by Professor José Filipe Rafael, and counting with an exceptional group of teachers, the PGGE program is developed for middle or top managers, from the African continent, and aims to prepare them for a career upgrade. It provides its participants with an integrated perspective of Management and how companies and organizations work, while also offering the possibility to increase their contacts network.

After successfully completing another program, CATÓLICA-LISBON congratulates all postgraduates!

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