Message from our Dean #27

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 - 17:36

Welcome to our new Undergraduate and Masters Students

Dear members of the CATÓLICA-LISBON community,

Today, September 1st is a very important day, as we open a new chapter in our School’s life.

First, we welcomed on campus 320 new undergraduate students who entered University as students for the first time in their life and will graduate in three years as engaged citizens ready to impact the world. We admitted a fantastic class with an average grade of 16.73. It is also the most international class ever with 20% of our International Undergraduate Program (IUP) now composed of international students who moved to Portugal to study at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

We are thus strengthening in our Undergraduate Programs the internationalization process that we started a decade ago in our Masters Programs and which has now come to maturity. The new Masters Class, which also started sessions today, has more than 500 students, of which 70% are international from more than 40 nationalities. It is an honour that, from all the top business schools in the world, they chose CATÓLICA-LISBON for their studies.

Today also marks the return to campus for all our degree students and executives doing leadership training with us. There is also the sense that September marks a new chapter for our society - we need to recover and rebuild our Economy after the pandemic, with ambition, innovation and inclusion. In the last 18 months our moto as a School was “We Stand United” and we launched a series of initiatives to be stronger as a community, to share knowledge, to support each other and persevere during the pandemic.

Now it is a time to be even more ambitious about our School’s role in the future of society and the impact that our graduates can have in the world. Thus, our moto in this next chapter of our School’s development will be “Achieve Greatness”. We have developed over the last few years a series of knowledge initiatives that allows CATÓLICA-LISBON to play a significant role in society, emphasizing Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, Policy Analysis for Prosperity, Responsible Leadership and Consumer Well-being. The common theme is leveraging business, innovation and economics as tremendously powerful tools for progress and impact.

The aim to Achieve Greatness will inspire the fundraising campaign that we will launch later this year and the knowledge leadership, academic innovation, and infrastructure projects that we are developing. Stay tuned to our upcoming announcements and initiatives.

Let’s #AchieveGreatness as a community, aligned by our purpose of contributing with knowledge, learning and action to a prosperous economy capable of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of all citizens.


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