Message from our Dean #24

Monday, June 7, 2021 - 17:56

Subject: PROSPER anniversary, Executive Education Portfolio and Knowledge Conferences

Dear members of the CATÓLICA-LISBON community,

One year ago, on June 4th, in the middle of the pandemic, we launched PROSPER - Center of Economics for Prosperity by publishing an initial economic study of the impacts of COVID on the economy, employment and inequality. Since then, PROSPER has been on a roll, engaging in relevant research projects (on economic shocks, minimum wages, poverty, and public policy evaluation), winning competitive research grants, publishing papers and reports, and producing outstanding theses with our Masters students. The team has grown from 1 to 8 researchers, producing rigorous and relevant economic analyses that contribute to our economic prosperity. For more information see here. Happy birthday to the PROSPER team! A great example of knowledge for impact at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

Also, one June 1st we presented our new executive education offering, including our Open Programs with a growing online offering, our Customized Programs for companies, and our new Online Academies for life-long learning. Click here to see the film we developed for the session that included great drone views of our building and a detailed explanation of our offerings with customer testimonials.

During June we are continuing our line-up of inspiring knowledge conferences and events:

- this Tuesday, June 8 at 17h we bring you the theme of Design Thinking: Inovar na Prática with our lecturer Tiago Luis and a panel of corporate speakers who use design thinking methods and tools to innovate in their companies. Join us to learn about new ways of innovating.

- Wednesday, June 16 at 18h we present you with the finals of the 3rd edition of our Women Entrepreneurship Awards, celebrating the power of women entrepreneurs and recognizing an outstanding leader. The 3 finalists, chosen from more than 50 applicants, will pitch their venture to the jury. Click here to register. The award is organized by our Center for Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CTIE). And, if you enjoy this theme of women leadership, be sure not to miss the video recording of our excellent May 27 knowledge conference on barriers and opportunities for Women-Led Entrepreneurship.

- on June 17 at 17h we bring you the theme of the impact of 5G for the Portuguese economy. Will 5G really change dramatically our lives or will it bring more incremental progress? Manuel Eanes, executive board member at NOS, will share his views in a session moderated by our Professor Fátima Barros, formerly President of ANACOM. Click here to register.

Join us for our regular knowledge conferences and events. #WeStandUNITED as a community, aligned by our purpose of contributing to a prosperous economy capable of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of all citizens.

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