Master in Finance of CATÓLICA-LISBON in the 23rd position worldwide

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 13:01

CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Master of Finance ranked 23rd globally, according to the Financial Times Global Ranking.

CATÓLICA-LISBON has climbed three positions this year in the Global Masters Degree in Finance, thus reaching the 23rd position worldwide, and in the Top 20 of the best Masters in Finance in Europe.

Criteria such as aims achieved - the extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing a masters, place the school in the 8th position in the world; the difference in the average post-graduation salary (increase of 55%); and the percentage of international faculty (43%) contributed to CATÓLICA-LISBON's classification.

"The atmosphere in CATÓLICA-LISBON, among students, is very challenging and this pushes us a lot further. I was able to gain strong soft skills that helped me to be productive on the first day in the job market, "said João dos Reis Pinto, student of our Master of Finance, now with a promising career at JB Capital Markets, in Spain.

"In Portugal it is undoubtedly a highly valued master's degree, with a strong international environment and quality teachers," adds the student.

Our MSc in Finance allows the students to obtain a double degree awarded by CATÓLICA-LISBON (the only partner school of the CFA Institute® in Portugal) and another International Business School of reference.

"The rise of CATÓLICA-LISBON in the Financial Times Global Ranking for the Master's in Finance is a source of great pride for us, but above all it is a recognition of the quality of our masters. This result also reflects our strong commitment with internationalization, increasingly a critical affirmation pillar of the school" according to Nuno Fernandes, Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON.

The recognition of the program reinforces the prestige and success of CATÓLICA-LISBON’ students, one of the best international schools of Business and Economics, with a strong national and international reputation.

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