Today, more and more unfounded "relative truths" are broadcasted as "truths" to alter our perception of reality. However, in my opinion, there is no doubt of the urgency of sustainability as the strategy to be followed by all of us. That is an unquestionable truth: we all must take sustainability as the way of life.

It is also evident that the challenges that our society is facing are increasingly complex and demanding. But it is also evident that we have always had an impressive capacity to evolve, adapt, to change the way things are done in favor of better and more appropriate solutions that would create value for society. And companies have played a crucial role in this adaptability and in the respective speed of this transformation.

Companies were born to solve problems for which there was no immediate solution, and therefore their own skills were developed to create solutions through innovation.

Since then, the objective of innovation has remained intact, to ensure the company's sustainability, meaning, to guarantee its survival in the face of the various challenges presented over time. We have no doubts that companies that have ensured their survival over time have adopted sustainability as a strategy, adapting their business models to new challenges. It is, therefore, legitimate that the path to a more sustainable society must be driven by the companies and their ability to create shared value through a responsible innovation that integrates the long-term perspective of the various stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.

We know, without any doubt, that there is a positive relationship between responsible innovation, business sustainability, and its ability to transform society. This is the correct option because it will maximize the value creation to the stakeholders and society, thus contributing to the organization's sustainability.

Like many other companies, we look forward to our innovations to integrate the critical challenges and future needs, to generate more sustainable value for the various stakeholders, and thus transform society, creating the foundations of the future in which we would all like to live.

It is our responsibility to transform society.

We strongly believe that companies are true drivers of transformation when they develop responsible innovation.

At Delta, we seek, every day, to transform the present to create the future.

A future centered on the person, the ecology, and the prosperity.

This is our purpose.

Have a great and impactful week!

Miguel Ribeirinho
Corporate Affairs
Delta Cafés

This Newsletter covers SDG 9 and 12.

This article refers to edition #114 of the "Have a Great and Impactful Week" Newsletter.
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