Closing Ceremony of Executive Education Programs

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 23:31

On July 7th, the Closing Ceremony of the Executive Education programs, that took place at CATÓLICA-LISBON and ended during the first semester of 2017, will take place at Auditório Cardeal Medeiros.

The session will bring together 29 courses with about 500 participants, showing the success of these programs, in which the school is prominently leader in Portugal, and the only Portuguese School to be among the Top 20 Europeans in the Financial Times ranking for Executive Education.

The ceremony will be presided by the Rector of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Prof. Isabel Capeloa Gil and will be attended by the Director of the CATÓLICA-LISBON Executive Education, Prof. Luís Cardoso and the coordinators of the several Executive Education programs.

The programs that will receive the diplomas are:

  • Advanced Management Program for Executives - 67th edition
  • General Management Program - 2016
  • Internationalization Management Program - 2nd edition
  • Advanced Program in Project Management and Evaluation - 27th edition
  • Advanced Program in Human Resources - 23rd edition
  • Healthcare Management Program – HMP 4th edition
  • Digital Transformation: Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age – 3rd edition
  • Luxury Products and Services Marketing Management Program - 7th edition
  • Digital Marketing Management Program - 8th edition
  • Business Analytics: Data Science and Big Data - 1st edition
  • Specialization Program in Negotiation – 11th edition
  • Managing Difficult Conversations in Business – 1st edition
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Management Program - 6th edition
  • International Taxation Program - 3rd edition
  • Young Pharmacists Management Program – 1st edition
  • SONAE: Leading for Results – LfR 7th edition
  • SONAE: Leading Others – LO 7th edition
  • SONAE: PGI - 4th edition
  • Grupo José de Mello: Programa Avançado de Gestão para Executivos – PAGE 14ª Ed.
  • REN: Advanced Management Program – 2016
  • Jerónimo Martins: General Management Program for Retail – 3rd edition
  • NOS: DPL - 3rd edition
  • NOS: LAA - 2n edition
  • NOS: IES - 3rd edition
  • NOS: CBG - 2nd edition
  • NOS: Management Development Program - 2nd edition
  • NOS: General Management Program – 2nd edition
  • NOS: Strategic Skills Development Program - 2nd edition
  • Grupo Montellano: ECV - 2nd edition
  • Ernst and Young: Leadership Development Program – 6th edition

After the ceremony dinner will be served at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.


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