Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics once again rises in the Financial Times Global Rankings, standing out among the best European Business Schools, ascending to the 27th position.

It is worth remembering that CATÓLICA-LISBON was the first Business School in Portugal to be part of this Financial Times' list in 2007, and has been at the top since 2012.

This year, in addition to the rise in the School's overall position, it is worth noting that the school's Executive Education programs are the 12th best in Europe.

In this ranking, reference should also be made to the position of the Master in Management in the European Top 25. These results are due to the exceptional talent of the students it attracts, but also to the quality and diversity of its faculty, which is reflected in the quality of the Programs offered, the strong connection to the corporate world for executive training and the excellent rates of employability, salary and career progression of its graduates.

On the national scene, CATÓLICA-LISBON is the most international school with 38% of professors coming from countries as different as Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Greece, France, Brazil, Ukraine, and 70% of international students of more than 60 nationalities attending the Masters programs.

For Filipe Santos, Dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, "we are proud to be consistently climbing the ranking of the best European Business Schools and to give prestige to Portugal as one of the most international schools in Europe. Being highlighted by the Financial Times as one of the top schools in Europe since 2007 is a source of great satisfaction for us. CATÓLICA-LISBON, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is a hub for attracting world-class faculty and student talent, a generator of cutting-edge knowledge in economics and management, and a true launching pad for a successful career with real impact on society".