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Our MSc in Economics qualifies you for a global career with a global reach with a full spectrum of options. It allows you to deepen your knowledge of economics, providing you with a toolkit of quantitative and conceptual skills that will enable you to start an impactful international career.

Did you know that Amazon, Google, Airbnb, or Uber have large teams of economists? Whether you want to work at a Private Bank, a Consultancy firm, an Insurance company, an industry, or an international organization, this program is a great start. Careers in economics range the full spectrum. You can work in a tech company helping to create marketplaces from scratch or in the Central Bank helping to understand what is happening to the Economy. You can work in consulting or banking with a large array of alternative jobs. 

By choosing our MSc in Economics you will attend a program at one of the most recognized universities in Europe, in the center of the vibrant city of Lisbon, and you will have the flexibility to tailor your Master's, choosing the courses that interest you the most. You also have the opportunity to choose among several specializations and even the possibility to take one fully customized by you:

Flexible track

Possibility to follow a track fully customized by you. Students can choose from a wide variety of electives and dissertation seminars to meet their specific goals.

Specialization in Applied Economics

Equips students with a solid understanding of the modern tools of economic analysis that are employed by professional economists. Students will learn the toolkit that economists are using in “practice” in government, central banking, international organizations and private sector firms such as economic consultancies to decide on economic issues.

Specialization in Economic Theory

Equips students with advanced modelling techniques serving as an excellent foundation for PhD programs and other research-focused roles.

Specialization in Finance & Banking

Provides deep knowledge of the financial services sector, how to interpret trends, ands identify market risks. Develops professional skills and forecasting techniques relevant to the financial services and banking sectors.

Specialization in Macroeconomic Policy

Focuses on core models of growth, business cycle fluctuations and monetary economics, drawing on developments at the frontiers of research, and provides students with a solid understanding of the fundamental tools of macroeconomic policy analysis and how they are being applied in practice.

Our Master's has a focus on real-world issues, and we aim to have a good balance between theory and applied economics. We provide personalized attention to each student (from entry to placement) and training on the key statistical packages used in modern economics (R, STATA, Python). We offer extensive opportunities for gaining experience teaching at our School or working on projects in our new Economics Research Centre PROSPER—a crucial asset in today's labor market.

The MSc in Economics also gives you the opportunity to pursue a Double Degree or a Joint Degree at a top international school, or an exchange semester.



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