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MSc Programs - Additional information

Greetings from Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics!

If you are reading this, it is certainly because you are in the process of making an important decision about your academic and professional future.

CATÓLICA-LISBON is a Top business school in Europe and we are committed in training the business leaders of tomorrow.

As you well know, MSc programs have become a significant element of differentiation as well as a gateway to accelerated career advancement. Our programs prepare outstanding career-ready professionals and ambitious global-minded leaders. The best evidence of this is the success of our alumni.

Our permanent focus on providing you with the best tools to launch your career is clearly reflected in our programs’ overall Financial Times rankings; in particular, we are placed in the Top 20 Worldwide for career progress and have first-class results in terms of salary increase after graduation and employment rate within three months.

Our school is located in the heart of Lisbon, not only a major European capital city with a fascinating culture and history but also a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem hub. Our school provides a highly international learning environment with 60 different nationalities among students on campus and more than 10.000 alumni holding top management positions in 6 continents, while remaining a human-sized school where professors and staff are approachable and know your name.

We cheerfully invite you to join CATÓLICA-LISBON community and prepare for what is next!



The foundation courses are designed to consolidate your integrated view of the firm and the business environment. Some courses can be waived (except in MSc in Business), depending on your background. Most students will be required to take between three and seven foundation courses.


The international courses are designed to strengthen your international perspective on management and prepare you to work in diverse, multicultural business environments. Three mandatory international courses can be supplemented by a wide range of international electives.


These courses are designed to offer students the background knowledge required for the Finance specialization.

Courses can be waived based on previous academic experience.


The mandatory courses in Finance assure an appropriate preparation in the main areas in Finance including both theory and standard applications.


Additional courses in your major / specialization are designed to provide advanced skills and prepare you for a successful career in a specific area of choice: Finance, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Macroeconomic Policy, Public Policy & Regulation, Finance & Banking, General Economics.


CATÓLICA-LISBON offers a wide range of electives taught by our own faculty, prestigious invited lecturers, and top executives from the corporate world.

You may take free elective courses outside of your program to complement your area of expertise, or simply explore a topic that interests you.


Career Accelerator Lab is designed to help students in  CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Master Programs to develop skills that are important for working with and managing people, as well well for approaching the job market, and therefore lifelong employability and growth.

The Career Accelerator Lab workshops were created considering recruiters feedback that many job applicants lacked skills in areas such as communication, cooperation, speaking in public, and ability to give and accept critical  feedback.

Our goals include:

Contributing to your personal and professional development employability, and  career success.

Providing you with skills that can be useful for most (if not all) careers, including including competencies related to communication, teamwork, influence, creative thinking, motivation, and resilience.

Enhancing your capability for lifelong learning and adaptability, by encouraging you to practice learning from experience, feedback, and reflection.


The thesis project involves a research methodologies workshop and a dissertation. You should focus on your dissertation during your third semester (or fourth semester, if you do an exchange semester abroad).

The thesis can involve participation in academic research, or can be related to professional experience acquired during an internship. In any case you should plan to work on your dissertation at CATÓLICA-LISBON for the equivalent to full-time 3 to 4 months.

You will apply the knowledge, the analytic skills, and the professional competencies you have acquired in the program.

For many students, the thesis semester serves as an ideal bridge between academic studies and professional career. As you complete your thesis, the Career Development Office is available to work with you on your career planning and job search.


To enrich your international experience and enhance your CV, you can do a Double/Joint Degree or a semester abroad with one of CATÓLICA-LISBON’s prestigious partner schools around the world.

Alternatively, the international requirement can be completed via an international internship (6 weeks minimum) either during or before starting the MSc program, in a country other than Portugal or your home country.

The default option to fulfil the requirement is the Double Degree/exchange semester. The school guarantees that all students have the opportunity to complete an academic experience abroad.

This requirement is mandatory for the International MSc in Management and the International MSc in Finance.


Non-credit granting company internship with a minimum duration of 6 weeks.  Prior professional experience can be used to satisfy this requirement (subject to validation by the Careers & Talent Office), if completed after June 1 of the year prior to beginning of the MSc program. The Careers & Talent Office also provides assistance to students in their search of professional opportunities through information and support.
If the internship is taken in a country other than Portugal and the student’s home country (if not the same), it may also be used to satisfy International Experience Requirement.

This requirement is mandatory for the International MSc in Management, and the International MSc in Finance.


Until the time of completion of the MSc degree, you must acquire or show evidence of proficiency in two foreign languages other than your native language.

This requirement can be fulfilled by taking a language course at CATÓLICA-LISBON or at one of our partner universities during the exchange semester.

The requirement can be waived if you present evidence of proficiency in a 3rd language other than English and your native language.

This requirement is mandatory for the International MSc in Management, International MSc in Finance and the MSc in Finance.

STUDY PLANS 2020/2021

To know more about our MSc Programs structure, please select the study plan of the program that suits you best.  

Study plans 2020/2021


Your passport for an international career

Spend one year at CATÓLICA-LISBON followed by a second year at the partner school of your choice, and get two diplomas.

Double/Joint Degree programs offer you the opportunity to gain a deep international experience and to challenge yourself by experiencing two distinctive academic cultures and approaches.

With a Double Degree, at the end of the program, you will be granted two diplomas – one from CATÓLICA-LISBON and one from our partner school.

A Joint Degree is a program that has been jointly developed by two international universities and cumulates in a Joint  diploma which is officially recognized by all degree awarding partner universities. 

Above all, the cross-cultural awareness gained through this experience is highly valued by recruiters and likely to increase your potential for an international career.


A Double Degree is a dual program that allows you to:
• Study at two top business schools
• Receive two diplomas, hence be part of two alumni networks
• Create a differentiating factor in your CV
• Spend the first academic year at CATÓLICA-LISBON and the second academic year at a partner school
• Both programs are taught in English


• To challenge yourself academically, through new academic experiences
• To increase your cultural and social experiences
• To explore a new business environment
• To create an international business network
• To spend one full year abroad in a great city and a great school
• To be part of an international community
• To gain a passport for an international career


• Candidates with an exceptional curriculum
• Candidates previously admitted to CATÓLICA-LISBON MSc Programs
• Candidates with strong international outreach


• Applications for the Double/Joint Degree programs will be open during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of applications. In order to apply for a Double/Joint Degree, candidates must apply and be admitted first to our MSc Programs;
• Candidates are asked to include a statement of purpose for the Double/Joint Degree, stating to the Admissions Committee from CATÓLICA-LISBON and the partner School, why they should be selected/considered for this program;
• After admission to our programs, the Admissions Committee will pre-select the candidates for the Double/Joint Degree;
• The pre-selected candidates for the Double/Joint Degree may be interviewed by CATÓLICA-LISBON and/or by the partner School. These interviews can take place in Lisbon, on the CATÓLICA-LISBON campus, or via skype/zoom/teams;
• After the interviews, admitted students will be required to complete the application documents for the partner School;
• Admitted students are required to achieve an average of at least 14 in their first year at CATÓLICA-LISBON in order to complete the Double/Joint Degree program.

Please note that some partner schools may have specific entry requirements.



When to apply

2022 intake

Application calendar for the 2022 Intake available soon.

How to apply

Start your application online, provide us with your personal information, upload the mandatory documents and pay the application fee. The Admissions Jury reviews applications shortly after each application period deadline.

For further information about our programs and the admission process, please contact the MSc Marketing & Admissions Office ( | +351 217 214 140).


Step 1 - Start your application online

Choose the programs you wish to apply for in our platform.
Upload the required documents *
Curriculum Vitae (in English)
University Transcripts of Records confirming academic qualifications. For application purposes we do not require a formal certificate from your school, but we do require a document with all the courses you have attended and respective grades [you may extract this information from your students’ personal webpage].

* Please note that all documents must be submitted in PDF and/or JPEG format.

Step 2 - Pay the application fee

After you have filled your application and uploaded the required documents, you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee. Please note that your application will not be considered completed and therefore will not be analyzed by the jury until the application fee is settled.

Step 3 - Additional information

The Admissions Jury may request an interview.

Step 4 - Final decision

The Admissions Jury reviews your application and makes a final decision.

Please note that:
• the Admissions Jury’s decision is final and conclusive
• regardless of the outcome of your application, you will receive a personalized e-mail from our Marketing & Admissions Office, which will mention your name, as well as the final decision of the jury.

Students are not allowed to apply more than once per Intake (double applications will not be considered and related application fees will not be refunded).

Step 5 - Enroll as a Master student

In order to secure your place at CATÓLICA-LISBON, admitted candidates will need to fill out the enrollment form and have to pay a €1.380 non-refundable enrollment and registration fees within the period specified in the admission email sent by the School. The enrollment fee (1.000€) will be deducted from the program tuition fees.

After you complete all these steps, you will be enroll as a Master student and our Master Affairs team will send you your student number as well as your next steps.



Please note that application fee is not included in total fees. Application, enrollment and registration fees are non-refundable.

NOTE: The registration fee is updated on a yearly basis and is applicable to each and every year of the Master program. The tuition fee reported is indicative and was calculated for the regular length of the Program. Tuition fees are set in euros per ECTS and the total Program cost will vary with the number of ECTS in which the student needs to register. If one exceeds the regular length of the MSc Program, an additional monthly fee will be charged.

The cost of the program will vary according to the area of your interest and its duration. The fees are due in five monthly installments for each academic semester. The months involving fee installments are: September to June.

Tuition fees do not include fees related to the emission of the final Diploma and the Final Certificate/Transcript of Records (currently 190 euros).

Please note that:
• The fee of the Final Certificate/Transcript of Records includes the Diploma, if both documents are requested until 30th April of the year following the one of the conclusion of the Master program. 

• If requested until 31st December of the year of conclusion of the master program, the Diploma will be delivered during the MSc Degree Ceremony.

• The Diploma does not include the Final Certificate/Transcript of Records.


CATÓLICA Top+ is a scholarship program meant for students with an outstanding academic record.

Implemented by CATÓLICA-LISBON, this program allows high-potential students to complete their MSc with a partial waiver of tuition fees for the regular track of the program (3 semesters at our School; exchange semester excluded).

We encourage outstanding students to apply for this scholarship, especially those that have completed their first cycle degree at the top of their classes.

The following criteria are highly valued by the jury:
• Undergraduate GPA;
• International experience;
• Professional experience (e.g. internships);
• Extracurricular activities;
• Contribution to the diversity of the cohort;
• Contribution to school activities.


When submitting your application on the platform, you must select the option to also apply to Católica Top+ scholarship. This is the only way to apply for our scholarship.

Note: Double Degree and Joint Degree students can only be granted a scholarship in the 1st year.


Scholarship Fundação Amélia de Mello (for portuguese students only) - more information here

Grants to Higher Education Students in Portugal - more information here or contact our Social Responsability Office (GRS) - This scholarship is available for Portuguese citizens but the following may also apply for a grant:
- Citizens who are nationals of Member States of the European Union with the right to a permanent residence in Portugal, and their families;
- Third country nationals:
i) Holders of a permanent residence permit;
ii) Beneficiaries of long-term resident status;
iii) Coming from States with cooperation agreements providing for the application of such benefits;
iv) Coming from States whose law, on equal terms, grants equal treatment to Portuguese students;
- Stateless people;
- Beneficiaries of political refugee status.

About your Undergraduate Diploma/Certificate

Upon admission, MSc students are required to present an original or an authenticated copy of their Undergraduate Diploma/Certificate at the Central Administrative Services (located on the ground floor of the Library building).

According to Portuguese and EU regulations, continuing a MSC program depends on providing adequate proof of having previously completed studies in an Undergraduate program. Failure to do so creates an illegal situation for both students and the school. It is therefore of utmost importance that you present your Undergraduate Diploma/Certificate at the Central Administrative Services.

This document should not be mistaken with the Undergraduate Grades
Transcript requested by the Marketing & Admissions Office for application purposes or by the Student Affairs Office for course waiving purposes.


International MSc in Management

Accreditation date: 7/9/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 132/2016/AL01
Initial registration date: 17/12/2019

International MSc in Finance

Accreditation date: 21/5/2020
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 44/2020
Initial registration date: 21/5/2020

MSc in Finance

Accreditation date: 30/3/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 126/2016/AL01
Initial registration date: 2/12/2019

MSc in Economics

Accreditation date: 7/7/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 135/2016/AL02
Initial registration date: 11/12/2019

MSc in Management with Specialization in Strategic Marketing

Accreditation date: 7/9/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 134/2016/AL01
Initial registration date: 26/11/2019

MSc in Management with Specialization in Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Accreditation date: 7/9/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 134/2016/AL01
Initial registration date: 26/11/2019

MSc in Business

Accreditation date: 7/9/2016
Accreditation term: 6 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 133/2016/AL01
Initial registration date: 06/12/2019

MSc in Business Analytics

Accreditation date: 14/7/2020
Accreditation term: 3 years
Number of initial registration: R/A-Cr 160/2020
Initial registration date: 14/10/2020