Living Costs and Accommodation


Lisbon is an incredibly affordable city and just a short flight away. 1-3 hours from most European cities and 5-8 hours from North America. Lisbon airport (Aeroporto da Portela) is centrally located, as it only takes a 15-minute transfer to/from the city center and is approximately 5 km away from our Campus.

With the tourism increase of the last few years, loggings in the city centre are getting a bit more expensive and harder to find. So, living in the suburbs is a cheaper possibility. And you don’t miss out on anything our capital has to offer thanks to the public transport network, taxi and TVDE (Uber and such) Services. 



The Metropolitan Lisbon Area is supported by a competent transportation network. With trains, buses and even the subway taking you to and from the heart of the city to the suburbs.

You can get to the university easily

By bus:  There is a bus stop directly outside the campus, for buses 768, 764, and 755. You can also catch a bus to the nearby University Hospital (Hospital Santa Maria) (3 minutes on foot). The buses that travel this route are: 735, 732, 701, and 738.

By subway: There are three subway stops close to the university. They are all 7 to 10 minutes away on foot: Jardim Zoológico and Laranjeiras on the blue line, and Cidade Universitária on the yellow line.

You can also bring your car, scooter or bike and leave it in the campus parking lot. 

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Useful Links


Accommodation websites: Uniplaces, Imovirtual, Idealista, CasaSapo

Urban bus: Carris
Subway: Metro
Urban/National/International Train: CP
Tagus Train: Fertagus 
Suburban bus - south of Lisbon: TST
National/Suburban bus: Rede de Expressos