The Learn in Action Program is a soft-skill and career development program included in the compulsory study plan, exclusively designed for our undergraduate students.

It develops “hands-on” skills that are a crucial complement to academic knowledge and prepares you for the entry in a global job market and an outstanding career. A range of personal skills as well as preparation for recruitment processes will be addressed by experienced and specialized speakers.

It also includes the chance to engage in extra-curricular activities that develop key competences for a successful professional future: internships, volunteering and entrepreneurship projects.

Plan Your Path Before Enrolling!

Learn in Action is a  mandatory requirement for all full-time undergraduate students. Enrollment for activities will happen before each trimester.

In order to complete this requirement, students from 2018 intake (and prior) must follow the path established in their curricular plan. Check your study plan here and the status of your plan here.

Students from 2019 intake (and onwards) must follow the path below, as well as collect 42 points in career activities. Check the status of your points here and your path here.

You need to access the careerNETwork platform in order to enroll for activities and check the status of your plan. If you don't remember your password, use your personal email and click Forgot Password, or contact

After enrolling on workshops on careerNETwork platform, you will have to access Academy platform to attend them. Activities may have different duration and they will be delivered in a blended format with asynchronous and/or synchronous moments. In asynchronous moments, you will be required to perform some tasks at your own rhythm within specific deadlines provided by the trainer or the company. The synchronous moments will require you to be present at the set date and time either in a room/location or in an online session (Zoom, Teams, or other video conference platform).

For more detailed rules and guidelines of the Learn in Action, please consult our handbook here.

Check type of events below and activities available for each trimester here and here.

Att.: Students will not receive points for duplicate workshops that they have already taken and were approved once before.

Explore by Type of Activity

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CV CV is the first tool to get your experience known so that you are selected (for an internship, a club, a master program...). You should upload your CV and get feedback from your advisor. Or you can enroll for a workshop and gain a better understanding on how to present yourself and your past experiences.
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Spoken and Written Communication You will work with the instructor and receive focused suggestions to improve your verbal and written presentation skills.Observing and evaluating other participants will be an integral part of this interactive course. Practical exercises include impromptu speaking and short presentations.
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Personal Development Getting the job and leading a successful career involves many different personal skills. You have the opportunity to explore some of them by choosing one or more workshops among negotiation, creativity, personal branding and advanced communication.
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Recruitment Being selected, either for an internship, a club or a master program requires preparation and the right tools. You can work on your CV, your LinkedIn profile, interview skills and learn how to approach the market. With a hands on approach, you will practice and receive feedback on your performance.
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Research the Job Market Information is power. If you want to decide what your next move will be and/or be successful in a recruitment process, the best option is to get as much information as possible. In order to get inside knowledge, you should learn how to network, you can participate in company sessions, meet different people, and get involved through internships and projects.

Follow the Pathway | 2019 Intake (and onwards)

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You must upload your CV in the careerNETwork platform and get it aproved.

Students will work with the instructor and receive focused suggestions on how to improve their oral and written presentation skills. Observing and evaluating other participants will be an integral part of this interactive course. Practical exercises include impromptu speaking and short presentations. 

How can you increase your success rate when applying for jobs? What do you have to do to build your brand and make sure you communicate it?

Go through some marketing and branding concepts and apply them to yourself as a professional so you can reinforce your image among prospective employers. 

Check the syllabus here

The workshop provides the students with an introduction to the basics of negotiation theory and a negotiation role-play. The students will practice negotiating themselves in a safe setting in order to learn and develop their skills and understanding.

Check the syllabus here

An intensive, fun and useful workshop with lots of Creativity going on... This workshop is based on the idea that everybody is capable of being creative; the task is to discover your own creativity, train it and learn how to use it.

Syllabus Available Soon

Students will be given the tools to build a better CV. By the end of the session, students will have a better understanding of how to present themselves and their past experiences, and which information they need to include (and how). It is structured in hands on approach with a brief theory introduction.

Check the syllabus here

Students will have a first approach to the main concepts behind a  powerful LinkedIn profile, so that they can build and maintain a 5-star profile. By the end of the session, students will know which information they need to include (and how) in their LinkedIn profile and how to take advantage of it in order to be more competitive. It is structured in hands on approach with a brief theory introduction.

Check the syllabus here

Students will be presented with useful tools for interview preparation. By the end of the session, students will know what to expect, what they can do to prepare and what can make them stand out from the crowd. With a hands on approach, students can practice the most common questions and receive feedback on their performance.

Check the syllabus here

During this workshop, you will gain insights on how to find an internship.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to: draft an action plan with steps to follow and useful tools to achieve their goals for landing an internship; be more prepared to aproach the market and do sucessful internship applications 

Check the syllabus here

If you want to get inside knowledge, there is no better way than talking to people, finding out how their careers paths were built, and getting to know their story. During this session you will find out why networking is important and how to do it. It is also a great chance to meet people with different backgrounds and career tracks and to start building your network with invited professionals.

Check the syllabus here

Invited guests working in different functions will share their experience - their path, what they most enjoy, what is most challenging, how they prepare... Students are expected to prepare questions and take the opportunity to clarify all doubts about potential functions.

Syllabus available soon

Companies are present on campus and open their doors to students so they can explore how it is to work there, what functions are available and how they can apply. There is a variety of formats and students must take the opportunity to get to know what options are available so they can better choose an area of specialization.

Check available events here.

Professional experiences in the field of management/economics, mostly individual in nature, at companies or other organizations, with an internship supervisor. An opportunity for students to experience areas they are interested in and to identify what they enjoy (and don't enjoy) most.

Check for summer internship opportunities here.

Experiences outside the corporate world, for example, developing own business, taking part in volunteer projects, participating in student clubs or working with departments at CATÓLICA-LISBON on school activities.

Check for volunteer opportunities here.

Explore the Job Market | Experience Validation

The “Hands On” Program is part of the Learn in Action program which seeks to aid students in developing key ‘know-how’ skills by means of extra-curricular learning experiences, such as internships or projects.

This type of experience also enables students to add a distinguishing factor to their CVs, making them a more attractive prospect for recruiters and in applying to master programs.

Check how to validate your experience here. And you can validate your experience here.

Absence Form

Learn in Action absence justifications will only be accepted if you provide an EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE here.

The Absence Form should be submitted within two days after the date of the class. If necessary, the substantiation documents can be provided later, but always within 5 working days after the date of the workshop/recruitment activity. At the end of this time period, the absence justification will be automatically declared invalid.


Since the final Certificate does not enumerate all activities accomplished during the Learn in Action program, students can request the Careers & Talent Office to issue a Learn in Action certificate that identifies all that information.

As such,  after their graduation, students can ask for this specific certificate by sending an e-mail to


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