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The Program Women Entrepreneurs@Católica Lisbon launched by the CEA (Center for Applied Studies) and Universidade Católica aims to support female entrepreneurship. It is a program open to all, aiming to fight economic inequality between genders. The goal is to empower women and the companies they manage with essential management tools they can use in their day-to-day activities.

The program has, for now, 2 major pillars of action.

The first consists of TRAINING and materializes in offering free thematic workshops. It is intended that these workshops have a strong practical component, since the main goal is that the participants learn something very concrete that is useful to them and that they can immediately put into practice. In the last edition of these workshops we had around 200 women attending the sessions.

The second pillar consists of delivering CONSULTING PROJECTS.

The consultancy program aims to support women entrepreneurs, by offering free consultancy projects carried out by students and supervised by Professors at this University. Thus, all women who own or co-own a business are eligible to apply for projects in areas such as developing a Business Plan, defining an internationalization strategy, designing a Marketing Plan, developing a communication strategy or launching a new product.

There are 2 phases of application for these projects annually (as they must coincide with our academic semesters). The projects, once identified and selected, are then developed over a period of three and a half months.