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KNOWLEDGE - Digital Conferences

At this difficult time of the pandemic, more than ever, it is important that we keep a cool head and give our best to each of the people around us and to society as a whole so that we can overcome this situation, always united.

CATÓLICA-LISBON has thus prepared a set of free online initiatives, KNOWLEDGE - Digital Conferences, in order to provide the best tools to all students and professionals, to help them face and better understand some of the challenges we are experiencing.


Expand All Collapse all July 6 | Future Consumer and Retail Trends
June 17 | The importance of 5G for the Portuguese Economy June 8 | Design Thinking: innovating in practice May 19 | Business Automation for the Future of Work: Success stories in Portugal May 18 | Sustainable Finance May 14 | Negotiation in Action April 28 | Business Warfare: Strategy in the age of Disruption April 22 | Water: A key resource for business success April 7 | Business Automation for the Future of Work: Casos de sucesso em Portugal March 30 | Católica International Business Platform March 25 | From Portugal, with love: Wine, Food, Luxury and Tourism March 18 | Interpersonal Communication in Challenging Times March 9 | The Crypto Banking Revolution March 3 | Euro Digital and Blockchain: What's next? February 25 | Health XXI Challenges February 17 | Purpose Driven Business: The Challenges of Implementation February 11 | Leading Teams in Agile Contexts: New Challenges February 9 | 2021: A Year Without Beginning December 17 | 2021 State Budget Analysis December 10 | Purpose-driven Consumption: shifting the dialogue between companies and consumers December 3 | Angola: Structural Reformations for Economic Growth October 20 | The Purpose-Driven Corporation November 25 | Data Protection as an Asset of Organizations: A New Paradigm April 23 | The Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Portuguese Society: Assessment of multiple indicators October 13 | NECEP Economic Forecasts for 2020 October 6 | The Potential of Robotic Process Automation in Business Transformation October 1 | Cybersecurity: business challenges in an environment of increasing technological dependence September 23 | Pharmaceutical Innovation in Times of Pandemic July 21 | Health and Challenges in the Digital Context July 16 | COVID-19: Impact and Future in the Wine Sector July 16 | Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization: Opportunities from a new global reality July 14 | Post-pandemic Consumption: Challenges and Opportunities July 2 | Negotiating in a Disadvantaged Position June 30 | The evolution of the epidemic and the years of life lost by the Portuguese June 23 | The Future of Tourism June 9 | Building a Global Career in a Digital World June 4 | Who will bear the costs of the covid-19 crisis: Analysis of jobs at risk in Portugal June 2 | Brands and their Customers in a Changing World May 28 | What is the main strategic challenge associated with an unprecedented shock? May 26 | Economic Recovery for Portugal and Europe May 19 | Perspectives for the Global Economy in times of COVID-19 May 14 | COVID-19 and the Portuguese: Results of the Católica University Study and the challenges for the Portuguese Economy | PART 2 May 6 | Suddenly remote: Challenges and Opportunities in managing remote teams | May 5 | What sort of world do we want after Covid19: the key role of the SDGs April 28 | The Portuguese in their Personal Emergency Plans April 27 | Innovation in times of COVID April 22 | Economy in Times of Plague April 21 | 2020: The Odyssey of the Portuguese Economy in the Great Confinement April 14 | COVID-19 and the Portuguese April 7 | Responsible Business Leadership: Challenges of a Global Crisis April 6 | Economy in times of Plague