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CATÓLICA-LISBON will hold the 1st edition of the WomenEntrepreneurs@ CatólicaLisbon on March 30th, at 9am. Open to all civil society, this event aims to provide entrepreneurial women with the tools they need for the success of their businesses.

As there is still gender-based economic inequality in Portugal, this initiative is aimed at all women who have launched or are planning to launch their businesses. Some 400 women entrepreneurs are expected to attend the 1st Edition of this WomenEntrepreneurs@CatólicaLisbon.

The event consists of 12 workshops on important topics for the establishment of a business, such as: how to develop a business plan; how to know your client; how to communicate your business; how to use the social media; how to access Portugal 2020 funds; how to manage a negotiation; how to improve your website; how to boost networking; how to attract and manage employee expectations; how to do business cost control; how to internationalize your company. These are some of the topics for which you can register.

Workshops are expected to have a strong practical component, since the main objective is that participants learn something very concrete that they can immediately put into practice.

Learn more about the program and register here.

The Conference will be held in Portuguese.

1st Session

How do I develop a business plan? Rute xavier
How do I know my client? Pierre Gein
How do I use the social media? André Alves
How do I access Portugal 2020 funds? Tiago Nascimento
How do I do business cost control? Pedro Janeiro
How do I internationalize my business? Diogo Alves

2nd Session

How do I manage a negotiation? Ricardo Reis
How do I improve my website? André Alves
How do I boost networking? Miguel Henrique
How do I communicate my business? Alexandra Abreu
How do I attract and manage employee / volunteer expectations? Karen Frisch
How do I use storytelling in my business? Helena Mourão