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Forms & Study Plan Meetings

Study Plan Meetings with the Master Student Affairs Team / Double Degree Team

These meetings are available for those who need to review their study plan in order to be certain that they are completing all study plan requirements.

Master Students (Not DD)

Double Degree Students

Please note that the meeting is automatically scheduled, and no confirmation will be sent by e-mail. Additionally, meetings are for one student only. 

If you can't be present at the meeting, to cancel or to inform you want to talk to us on the telephone or skype, please send an e-mail to:

Master Students (Not DD) -

Double Degree Students - 

Absence Form

Absence justifications will only be accepted if you provide an EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE. The Absence Form should be submitted within two days after the date of the class. If necessary, the substantiation documents can be provided later, but always within 5 working days after the date of the class. At the end of this time period, the absence justification will be automatically declared invalid.

Submit Your Absence Form Here

(17 March 2020)

In this exceptional moments, in addition to the regular acceptable justifications for absences, we are including the following:
- if student is traveling during the exam time back home;
- if student or a next of kin is hospitalized

Other reasons (e.g., time difference or jetlag) will not be considered as justified absences. As usual, the students should follow the “request for justified absence” procedure. Students need to submit the Absence form, attaching all necessary documentation (travel itinerary, boarding passes, hospital declaration, etc).

When validated, a new exam date will be scheduled by Student Affairs and exams will be made available remotely.

Third Language Requirement Waiver

The Third Language Waive will only be accepted if you do a formal request in your personal area [E-SCA] or in the "Secretaria Escolar" on person. Please be reminded that an original certificate is required and you will have to hand it in at the Secretaria Escolar > Library Building > Ground Floor. Should you not comply with this procedure, the Students Affairs cannot proceed with your request.

Third Language Requirement | Validation Rules

Internship Semester

Students will have the chance to do an internship during a semester. In order to keep your enrollment you just need to submit a formal request .

If you are enrolled for the International MSc in Management, you may use this internship to fulfill your international requirement.

Formal Request

Change Your Major/Specialization

Students may change their major/specialization during their program, as long as they fill in this formal request. Please notice that this form has to be submitted at least 3 months before the thesis defence.*

Formal Request

*Students that want to change their Master Program (eg.: International to National | Master in Management to Master in Finance) should fill in the Formal Request in ESCA. Please note that this request has a fee associated.

Request Your Minor*

Students may ask for a minor to be added to their program, as long as they fill in this formal request. Please notice that this form has to be submitted at least 3 months before the thesis defence.

Formal Request

*Applicable up to and including the September 2016 intake of some MSc programs. For more information, contact the Master Student Affairs Team (

Book a Room

Please fill in this form and send it to Please note that the form must be sent at least one week before the date of the reservation.

Download the Form

Long Distance Exams

Submit Your Form Here