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The structure of this workshop reflects the 4 pillars of personal branding:

1. The Personal Brand Basis: Brand elements and the online and offline assets of the same;

2. Credibility: Create a community and sphere of influence and specialization in the chosen area;

3. Audience: Identification of the target audience in pursuit of personal goals;

4. Opportunities: Keep the top of mind to identify every opportunity.

Workshop Structure:





Breakfast Reception and Speed Networking Activity

Take control of your professional career

Some accelerators for a successful professional route

Build and manage a networking with value 


Lunch with Professional Networking Practices



The Tools and Roadmap for Building my Personal Brand

The Work Market of the Future


My Personal Brand: My Pitch

Breakfast with Speed Networking: Completion of a personal identification card. Ice-breaking techniques and group presentation to create the basis of the workshop work.

Professional Networking Lunch: Sharing good practices in professional networking. Practical application of them during lunch through role play exercises.

Detailed Contents:

The Tools and Roadmap for Building My Personal Brand
  • My mission and personal vision: The first step in creating your personal brand;
  • Definition of my personal audience: The definition and identification of my ecosystem, community and scope of influence;
  • Building my assets online and offline: How to secure my brand's search results;
  • Exposure and Notoriety: Sometimes the most difficult thing is to guarantee exposure and notoriety with the target audience. Tactics and actions to develop notoriety;
  • Mentors, Followers and Community: Learning from others is a continuous activity that has immense impact on personal brand development;
  • Monitoring of My Brand: Social Listening and Social Selling Index. What is the value of my brand, what is the evolution of it, what is the perception of the market about my brand.
My Personal Brand – My Pitch
  • Individuality: what is my unique and exclusive value proposition. What makes me unique? How do I stand out from the competition?
  • "Bringing it all together” session: Consistency, values, sphere of influence, mentors, media.
  • A memorable pitch that clarifies my individuality and value proposition to my target audience.
  • Each pitch will be recorded and the participant will have the record of their pitch and feedback subsequently for personal use after the session.


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Andreia Hidalgo


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