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Luís Duarte Melo

International Markets Director
Wine Ventures, SA
Executive Education Wine Business Management - Programa de Gestão para o Setor do Vinho

Acting in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous competitive environment requires professionals in constant adaptation throughout the professional life.
To stop, to reflect, to update knowledge, to widen perspectives, together with other colleagues in the sector, are some of the benefits I extract from the Wine Business Management Program, which combines a prestigious and experienced faculty with partnerships with other Universities of reference.
A note on the methodology followed by Católica, that knew how to give coherence to the diversity of scientific contents and approaches, which included theoretical-practical components, case studies and visits to companies in the sector.
Finally, I refer to the excellent environment experienced among participants, teachers and support team, consistent with the spirit of proximity and socialization that characterize the wine business.
Best wishes for future editions of the Program.

Vasco Gonçalves

Executive Education Wine Business Management - Programa de Gestão para o Setor do Vinho

In an increasingly dynamic and challenging world, the continuous training plays an important role in the performance of professionals in any sector.
The Wine Business Management Program, allows us to acquire knowledge in more technical areas related to wine production, and above all to share experiences with other professionals in various areas of activity.
It is unquestionably an enriching program, since it combines three important vectors - A specialist faculty, relevant contents and the possibility of developing networking in a very positive environment.


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