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Methodology and Evaluation Criteria
To consolidate learning, a Methodology of Individual and Group Evaluation is proposed, supported on Case Studies and a Final Project, based on a pedagogical grid useful for the individual performance of the student in his/her Health Organization.

The transversal evaluation criteria are:
  • Key Competence Learning Assessment;
  • Integrated Understanding Assessment through Case Resolution;
  • Evidence of learning by the use of tools and knowledge in the modules.

From Strategy to Health Operations

7h Healthcare Management: 21st Century Challenges
7h Healthcare Economics
7h Healthcare Policies
4h International Health
3,5h Doctors as Managers
7h Health Financing
3,5h Organizational Development
- Evaluation

Develop: Efficiency and Effectiveness in Health

7h Accounting and Financial Analysis
7h Investment Analysis
7h Performance Evaluation
- Evaluation

Optimize and Innovate Health Care Delivery

7h Digital Health
7h Communication and Negotiation
7h Leadership
7h Teamwork
3,5h Compared Health Systems

Carlos Hiran Goes de Souza

3,5h Quality in Health

Carlos Hiran Goes de Souza

- Evaluation

Health International Development

14h Master Class: Health XXI

Ricardo Leite

3,5h Master Class: Innovation and Integration of Care
3,5h Master Class VI: Health XXI | Course Design
3,5h Course Design


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


Phone: (+351) 217 214 220


Carlos Araújo

Vice-Presidente Executivo
DH3 Portugal
Programa Avançado de Gestão em Saúde
"The excellence of the teaching staff allied to the care shown in the development of a rigorous curriculum and quality allowed me a pragmatic vision, comprehensive and structured extremely useful and necessary for and efficient implementation of the health projects that I am associated with.(...)."

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