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Professor David Patient will teach in English. However participants can communicate with him in Portuguese.


2h Program’s Opening and Kick-off
1h Coaching Individual Session
7h High performance team’s basis: align results and build processes
3,5h Increase the performance: results, processes and continuous improvement
1,5h Learning Teams I
7h Social technologies to the effective collaboration: from the agile teams to the organizations
7h Improving communication and decision making in teams
1,5h Learning Teams II
7h Remove the development boundaries: feedback dialogues and power relations
7h Mobilize the team for challenges of change
1,5h Learning Teams III


9,5h Lead teams in agile environments - practical cases
1h Closing
1,5h Learning Teams IV



Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo 


Phone: (+351) 215 906 000


Nuno Francisco

Country Head Portugal
Banca Farmafactoring, SpA - Suc. Portugal
Leading and Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Equipas de Alto Desempenho
"TEAMS learning experience stills follows me in the management of my team and has indeed a positive impact in my professional valorisation..."