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Microeconomic Theory and Applications

Microeconomic Theory and Practice researchers at CATÓLICA-LISBON are at the forefront of research in the field of microeconomics, and create influential and specific research on the multidisciplinary areas they each devote themselves to. 

Members of this research group have focused in publishing their research in top journals and presenting it in international conferences. Throughout their careers, members of this research area have seen their work published in some of the top journals in the field of economics, including American Economic Review, Economic Theory, Economics Letters, and Games and Economic Behavior.

Microeconomics at CATÓLICA-LISBON not only relies on senior faculty who have dedicated decades to their research work, but also has been a research group focused on attracting recent PhD holding researchers from international business schools.

Research by this group’s members has had strong and observable policy and societal impacts. Several research members in Microeconomic Theory and Practice at CATÓLICA-LISBON have high public profiles in Portuguese media and policy making, having even held high offices at the national regulator of telecommunications, ANACOM, at the scientific council of the Gulbenkian Foundation Program on Innovation in Healthcare, or on the Board of Trustees of the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES, in charge of ensuring the quality of higher education.

Main research topics

Researchers in the Microeconomic Theory and Practice group focus on four main areas, having a quite heterogeneous focus across areas where microeconomics can help improve policy or draw important conclusions.

One of these areas is competitive and monopolistic markets, exploring, for example, how markets work and what social implications their functioning can have. Researchers also study the regulation and the design of markets, and their work in this area has, in the past, had seminal policy real-world  implications.

Other Microeconomic Theory and Practice researchers focus on health, social and human capital, zeroing in on the factors and impacts at play in specific social activities.

Finally, another area of interest for these researchers is fiscal and labor market competition - for example, they have examined how the state intervenes in these fields through, for instance, taxation.

Team members