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CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Business and Economics Research Unit is CUBE, which was created in 1997.

In periodic assessments by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation’s (FCT) panels of international experts, CUBE has always received the highest grade of Excellent. In their most recent evaluation in 2014, CUBE received the highest score of any Social Sciences research unit in Portugal: 24,5 out of 25.

CUBE Researchers

CUBE has over fifty PhD members, most of whom are research faculty at CATÓLICA-LISBON, working on the major areas of Management and Economics.

Since 2004, the unit has been actively hiring newly-minted PhDs from top research universities in Europe and North America for tenure-track positions. The school interviews candidates each year at top international conferences (including Academy of Management, American Marketing Association, American Economic Association, among others).

The research unit includes researchers with PhD’s from MIT, Columbia, INSEAD, Northwestern, Washington University St. Louis, Bocconi University, University of British Columbia, IESE, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, Tilburg University, RSM Erasmus, London School of Economics, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University, Cass Business School, and Yale University. Our researchers come from diverse countries, including Italy, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Turkey, Colombia, China, France and Australia.

Research excellence

CUBE aims to be a home for cutting-edge research that impacts society and is published in top peer reviewed journals. In the 2013-2017 funding cycle, CUBE members published 139 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, including 46 in the FT 50 list of journals and 28 in 4* journals on the ABS list, and presented over 370 papers at major international conferences.

CUBE researchers publish in and serve on editorial boards of the top academic journals in their fields, take leadership roles in scholarly communities, and engage in applied research projects.

Center for Applied Studies (CEA) is the consulting unit of CATÓLICA-LISBON in which several CUBE researchers take part. It provides consulting services in the areas of economics and management to private, public and social institutions, including through its Economic Forecasting Lab or its Customized Studies unit.

CUBE is also responsible for organizing a vibrant research seminar series and hosting scholarly workshops and conferences.


The CUBE Director, Scientific Council, External Advisory Board, and Management Office work together to obtain and strategically allocate research resources. CUBE research is funded by FCT, by European projects, by other external funding agencies, by public/private foundations and by companies.

Research Areas

Our faculty and researchers’ work is organized into different areas. There are eight different research areas within CATÓLICA-LISBON, each focused on producing and disseminating original and impactful knowledge in its field. Find out more about the teams, publications, and research focus for each of the sections below.

- Ethics & Social Enterprise;
- Finance & Accounting;
- Marketing & Consumer Behavior;
- Operations and Information Management & Big Data Analytics;
- Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management;
- Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation;
- Macroeconomics & Economic Policy;
- Microeconomic Theory & Applications.