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CORE - Center for Consumer Well-being & Retail innovation

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CORE - Center for Consumer Well-being & Retail Innovation has the goal of contributing towards consumer well-being and retail sector prosperity, by developing and sharing knowledge with companies in a relationship of synergy and co-building. 

Our vision entails becoming a reference across Europe in the development of knowledge, teaching and dissemination of the promotion of consumer well-being and retail innovation. 

Because of this, we are committed to developing research and insights about behaviours and practices that will increasy consumers' quality of life, to bringing fresh perspectives to retail innovation, and to reinforce the synergetic connection between the two. 

We intend to deepen both new and emerging strategies towards sustainable consumption and retail innovation, by keeping up with topics such as digitization, micro-segmentation and specialization, sustainable consumption, value chain optimization, and, in food, health and organic, by increasing the relationship with the consumer and their loyalty.

Founding Partners 






July 6th, 2021

Knowledge Conference on Future Consumer and Retail Trends

Paulo Jorge Gonçalves (Head of Marketing Intelligente Grupo Nabeiro)
Nuno Aguiar (Chief Operating Officer Pingo Doce) 
Rita Coelho do Vale (CATÓLICA-LISBON)

During the session, the CORE - Center for Consumer Well-being and Retail Innovation of CATÓLICA-LISBON will be formally launched. We will have the participation of the Founding Partners of CORE, Delta Cafés and Grupo Jerónimo Martins and the Executive Director of the Center, Maria Estarreja (CATÓLICA-LISBON). 



Maria Estarreja
CORE Executive Director
+351 214 269 792