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Center for Ethics in Business and Economics

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Center for Ethics, Business and Economics (CEBE) was founded in 2007 with the mission to undertake "research, educational and editorial initiatives related to business and information ethics and corporate social responsibility". The Professors Tommaso Ramus and João César das Neves are the Executive Director and the Director of the Research of the Center respectively.

Since its foundation, CEBE has been conceived as an “umbrella institution” to be used as and when to help junior and senior researchers, students and practitioners from all over the world interested in business Ethics and social Responsibility to carry out research and educational initiatives in Portugal. Accordingly, one of the main strengths of the center has always been its capacity to network and partner with highly recognized institutions and scholars from all over the world in the effort to advance and disseminate knowledge about ii) the role of ethics in business, ii) how to build socially responsible business organizations and iii) the functioning of social enterprises.