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Católica International Business Platform

The challenges of globalization, sustainability and digital transformation, in a context of uncertainty and volatility accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemics, force leaders to rethink business models and talent management for internationalization.

The Católica International Business Platform is a community of academics and business leaders with the common objective of leveraging internationalization and growth of Portuguese companies. It intends to be an impactful academic-corporate initiative to catalyse learning by sharing and business synergies.


Develop skills and competences of current business leaders critical for internationalization and organizational growth. Also, motivate the new generations of executives to embrace international careers in Portuguese companies.  

Call to Action

The initiative is built upon a collaborative model and shared decision-making in the best interest of the corporations invited to integrate the founding core group, and also benefiting the eco-system of internationalization.

“This way, the university also benefits by embodying its mission of educating and transforming the society.”


Miguel Athayde Marques, Vice-Chancellor of Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Academic Director for the initiative

The scope is national and multi-sectorial and addresses the challenges of companies with high growth potential in the international arena.

“We are going to produce knowledge from the Portuguese base experience and develop international benchmarking. The corporations that integrate the founding core group embody our first case-studies and pilot projects.”


Margarida Ramalho, Invited Teacher at CATÓLICA-LISBON, Founder & Executive-Director for the initiative

Founding Partners

Portuguese companies with solid international experience and business leaders from different generations that believe in collaboration and are willing to experiment new models for internationalization.

Sumol-Compal, Grupo Nabeiro and Grupo Tecnimede were the first corporations joining the initiative.  

Fellow Partners

Corporate associations with a common agenda and willing to leverage the support they give on internationalization.

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