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Foundations of Finance Courses

The program starts with the Foundations of Finance Courses (March-December), which cover all the content of the CFA® Level I examination. This is a key module, as it suitably standardizes knowledge and prepares students for the more advanced courses that follow. After this first block of courses, participants should take the Level 1 Examination in December to obtain CFA® certification. Enrolment in the CFA® exam is highly encouraged, but not mandatory for the successful completion of the MIF program.

7h Advanced Excel for Finance 1.5
14h Asset Management 2
10,5h Capital Markets and Alternative Investments 2
17,5h Economics 3
10,5h Ethical and Professional Standards 2
28h Financial Statement Analysis 5
28h Foundations of Corporate Finance 5
21h Intermediate Corporate Finance 4
17,5h Quantitative Methods 3
10,5h Fixed Income Markets 2

Advanced Courses

From January onward, participants enroll in the main block of advanced courses, whose scope goes well beyond the subjects of the Level II examination. Assessment Courses are evaluated using a combination of examinations and assignments. Courses vary in the way they are assessed, with early courses emphasizing examinations. Advanced courses also feature examinations, but focus more on individual and group projects, incorporating a hands-on approach with real-life examples and live data problems. After this second block, participants who have passed the Level 1 Exam should take the Level 2 Examination in June to obtain CFA® certification.

21h Advanced Corporate Finance 4
24,5h Advanced Fixed Income Securities 4
14h Risk Management 3
21h Derivative Markets and Advanced Derivative Securities 5
21h Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

Ricardo Pires

10h Fintech 2
10h Corporate Governance 2


In addition to the Foundations and Advanced Courses, throughout the year the program is enriched by a series of specialized seminars in state-of-the-art topics related to Finance and complementary modules.

6h Frontier of Knowledge Seminars 1.5
12h Leadership and Negotiation Soft Skills (Training Weekend) 2.5

Évora - Soft Skills Training

Increasingly companies expect, along with solid technical competences, that their employees combine a set of soft skills that are the basis of a good professional performance. An excellent professional performance necessarily involves the management of other personal and relational variables in addition to the technical competences: the ability to understand and deal with peers, clients and employees, the ability to anticipate opportunities and to solve problems through communication, the ability to focus energy on activities that really add value. This is why issues such as Leadership and Negotiation make a basic contribution to enhance performance and develop a set of skills that can improve the effectiveness of decision making, public communication and teamwork. The excellent feedback from MIF participants shows that they appreciate the opportunity to improve their personal skills, in order to communicate, negotiate and manage others with greater success. A weekend focused on strengthening the participants' soft skills will take place at Fundação Eugénio de Almeida in Évora. This initiative will enrich the program and add variety to the curriculum and teaching methods. The soft skills training weekend will be unique in many other aspects.

International Study Tours

The international focus of the MIF at CATÓLICA-LISBON is also reflected in a visit to world's main financial centers - London, São Paulo, New York - where participants attend advanced workshops led by local experts. Visits are scheduled to institutions such as Private Equity and infrastructure funds and Investment banks and hedge funds. This optional but essential part of the program allows participants to interact with professionals from renowned financial institutions, and to observe first-hand the latest trends and technologies over three calendar days. Specific details on the program depend on the possible destination and will be subject to minimum participation. Past trips to London were highly praised by previous MIF participants. Visits to London, São Paulo and New York are currently being considered and will be suggested to the current and future participants.


Master in Finance (MIF)

Cátia Fernandes Vaz 


Phone: (+351) 214 269 864


Executive Masters - MIF - Brian Moreno Navarro

Brian Moreno Navarro

Associate Banker - FIG US, Santander Investment Securities - New York
Master in Finance
"I enjoyed the challenge and found that the MIF program really supplemented me with my studies for the CFA® exams."