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Negotiation was seen for a long time as an "art" that only a few were gifted to do. This preconception, as has happened to many others,
has become obsolete as we verify the successive extension of this function to a growing number of people. However, we must be aware that the respective skills are not generally innate. Negotiate today in the business world presupposes a group of knowledge, techniques and analysis that go way beyond the good sense of negotiation. The program that CATÓLICA-LISBON is launching in this field will certainly have an important role in the future of teaching these negotiation skills.

Rodrigo Costa
Chairman & CEO, REN

Few management skills are as critical or complex as negotiating. Joao Matos' course offers a unique opportunity to develop expertise as a negotiation strategist. You will gain insight into how to develop a negotiation strategy and practice in doing so across a wide range of business environments: deal making, dispute resolution, and decision making. You will become proficient in negotiating when there is trust and when there is little trust; when there is a more powerful party across the table and when you hold the power; when negotiating occurs in the private sector and when it is with government representatives; and when negotiating is domestic and when it crosses national cultural boundaries. Professor Matos with his deep knowledge of negotiation strategy 2011-05-06and vast teaching experience is particularly qualified to lead this course.

Jeanne Brett
Jr. Distinguished Professor and Director of Dispute Resolution Research Center, Kellogg School of Management DeWitt W. Buchanan


In a world that changes every day and challenges us to reinvent business models we knew, updating and finding innovative ways to manage are today critical factors to all our organizations. In this search, negotiation emerges as one of the most transversal and valuable skills for management. Whether being in sales or any other function, to know how to influence and provoke others the impact we want is an "art" that one can learn and develop. So I congratulate CATÓLICA-LISBON for creating the Specialization Program in Negotiation, which I consider of great relevance and interest.

Nuno Amado
Chairman of the Executive Commission, Banco Santander Totta


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Mafalda Gato
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Vítor Nunes

Diretor de Serviço
Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca
Programa de Especialização em Negociação
"(...)one can find in the Specialization Program on Negotiation the answer, information, support and appropriate training."

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