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1h Program Opening
7h Uncertainty, Planning, And Control
10,5h Control And Information Systems: The Role Of Management Accounting
7h Contributions Analysis Model And Decision Making
3,5h A-B C (Activity-Based Costing) and A-B M (Activity-Based Management)
3,5h Decentralization And Internal Transfer Pricing
7h Management Control: Behavioral Aspects
7h Budgetary Control And Budget Organization (Case Study)
6h K.P.I.s and Strategic Performance Monitoring
7h The Strategic Dimension Of Control: The Balanced Scorecard
3,5h Ethics And Control
5,5h Performance and Incentives
3,5h Digital Transformation: Reinventing Control in the Digital Age
3,5h Optimizing Performance: Design Thinking
3,5h The Performance-Oriented Organization
1,5h The E.V.A. as a Performance Instrument and Management Control
0,5h Debate e Encerramento do Programa


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


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Henrique Champalimaud

Diretor Geral
Sorel, S.A
Programa de Performance e Controlo de Gestão
"(...) I am certain that I made the right decision at the right time, to be able to contribute towards a healthy growth for my company and towards the development of the nation."