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Beatriz Samunda

Analista de Marketing
Banco de Poupança e Crédito de Angola
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

I was given the opportunity to make the Luxury Management Program in order to fulfil a strategic banking program, which identified the need to improve the relationship with the luxury consumer. The main objectives with this course were to acquire knowledge and understanding about luxury products, the history, the actors in this market, the reference brands, preferences and consumer behaviours of this “Lifestyle” segment. The program was very important for me, it allowed me to contact and exchange experiences with people from this specific sector, and to improve my knowledge it. The pedagogical actions were not only based on theory. We were given the opportunity to interact with shopkeepers, jewellery producers, designers and dedicated consultants to the luxury products. As a banking professional (Marketing sector) and since I develop my action for premium clients, this program was an enrichment.

Cristiano Trinta

Brand Ambassador Portugal
Kering Eyewear
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

The program provides a comprehensive approach to the luxury sector. The modules are very interesting and very well articulated by the coordinators that encourage the sharing of experiences between participants and guest speakers. It is a very enriching experience that I recommend to any professional in the industry or who want to raise the approach to the industry in which they operate.

Filipa Pinto-Coelho

Diretora de Marketing e Comunicação
Amorim Fashion, S.A.
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

Participating in this program was definitely a good benefit. Treating the Luxury theme requires a great deal of research, deep knowledge of the Market, in its various aspects and segments, as well as an accurate approach regarding the selection of the studied cases which provides the most accurate knowledge of this reality. On the other hand, the luxury products and services consumer is very distinctive, and it was therefore important to be able to systematize some key ideas about his behavior. I highly recommend it to all professionals in this sector.

Francisco Franco Afonso

Managing Partner, CFGF Hotel Management Corporation
CFGF Hotel Management Corporation
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

In an era of strong competitive evolution, CATÓLICA-LISBON innovates, creating a program tailored to the specific reality of a growing area with enormous potential: Luxury. The first edition had the virtue of presenting a curricular plan that brought knowledge and information to all tastes. We visited houses of reference like Ferrari or Montblanc. We received internationally recognized speakers from this area, successful national entrepreneurs on a global scale and scholars from the different business components. Finally, I cannot fail to mention that the level of participants, the range of shared experiences and business, along with sources of inspiration from all their distinguished professors, has created the environment for the national luxury market to gain new players soon!

Larissa Flores

Optica Gallery - El Corte Inglés Lisboa
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

CATÓLICA-LISBON was able to create a program that offers a clear vision, lucid and current about luxury's potentiality, directing the participants to the most relevant topics.

Luxury is seen without taboos and dazzle.

The exchange of ideas between the experienced faculty, valuable guests and colleagues from different areas, stimulates excellence and inspires us to belong to the amazing world of luxury.

Luísa Espírito Santo

Gestor da Relação com o Cliente, Galp Energia
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

This course helped me to reinvent the traditional Marketing Mix concepts and apply them to the luxury sector, which has special attributes: strong sensory, pleasure and fanciful components. This opportunity to acquire knowledge about a reality where there is a constant search for renewal and differentiation, leading to evolution and sophistication, was a challenge. The discussion of real cases, sharing experiences with invited speakers, teachers and students allowed us to define the best approaches to win and retain clients in an expanding market that demands increasingly personalized and differentiated services.

Finally, I would like to highlight the quality and dynamism of faculty and their high-level of professional expertise in the area, as well as the visits made to companies in the luxury sector, which contributed to exceeded my expectations. I strongly advise this course to all those who have a fascination about this theme.

Maria João Bahia

Designer de jóias
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa was a pioneer in organizing a program that gives an excellent perspective on an expanding market, the luxury market. What is luxury? How do you live it? How it feels? A very subjective reality analyzed in a program directed to a market with very particular characteristics, and growing. This new reality was addressed in a very professional way and the knowledge and information shared between teachers and students were very enriching.

Marta Barros

Marketing Manager
Pernod Ricard
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

As Brand Manager of the most luxurious brands in my company, I felt the need to update my knowledge in order to answer the needs of whom is currently one of the “engines” in our consumer society: the luxury consumer. The Luxury Management Program has helped me to "focus" on the essence of luxury, without forgetting that in this sector, more than a product, we offer a service, an unique experience.

I also highlight the faculty for their corporate expertise, ensuring the sharing of relevant information, experiences and trends of this sector.

Nuno Cardoso

Co-Founder and Creative Director
The Board
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

This program provides powerful insights and tools in a very specific industry but that can and should be references in all markets, in order to increase the value propositions. Apart from what we learn, we get to know very interesting people from different areas of training and professionals that are on the program with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, which in itself is a very enriching experience.

Nuno Torres

Anselmo 1910
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

Congratulations to CATÓLICA-LISBON for advancing with a Program about an industry that continues to grow against the cycle, and resisting all "crises". A particularly well-coordinated, pragmatic program that addresses the various themes of Luxury, with practical examples such as visits to established emblems such as the Ritz or Gucci, but also with more sensory experiences associated, for example, with the world of perfumes. Also, great quality guests, from various nationalities, have brought us important testimonies and experiences about the markets in which they operate. I strongly advise this program!

Rui Gomes

About Choose, Lda.
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

Working luxury is a huge challenge for professionals in this area, not only due to the characteristics of the current economy, but also given the new digital tools that, together with an increasingly demanding and informed consumer, compels us to develop more creative strategies to overcome all expectations, in every given moment. This program was undoubtedly an enriching experience, for its contents, for the approach to interesting themes regarding luxury brands from different sectors and most importantly, by sharing experiences with Luxury professionals from different areas of activity.

Sofia Nobre

Diretora de Marketing e Relações Públicas
Altis Hotels
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

Devoting a course to the luxury market, demonstrates how CATÓLICA-LISBON is innovative while offering excellent education. The luxury market has been growing in Portugal, and the Hospitality sector has also contributed to this growth offering luxury hotels with innovative concepts, in original locations, presenting exclusive and differentiating services.

Participating in this program has allowed me to expand knowledge and skills, but above all to organize ideas about the motivations and expectations of the luxury consumer and the new trends within a very competitive and demanding market.

Vasco Figueira

Sales Manager
Jaguar Land Rover Portugal
Programa Executivo de Gestão do Luxo

I would like to congratulate CATÓLICA-LISBON for this excellent initiative, and for once again bringing innovation, when launching the Luxury Management Program. This course is an opportunity for all professionals to consolidate and deepen, in a structured way, their perception and knowledge of the luxury sector. It was with great enthusiasm that I became aware of this program. The excellence and competence of faculty, the high quality of guest speakers, as well as the enriching experience provided by visits made to companies operating in the luxury market, contributed decisively to my initial expectations being largely overcome.


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