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Diogo Furtado Lopes

Programa de Contabilidade e Finanças

The attendance in PCF contributed in a decisive way to improve my knowledge in the areas of accounting and finance.

After concluding the program, I now understand easily the meaning behind numbers, finding myself gifted with more tools for decision-making and conscient of the importance that a correct and efficient financial report has in the sustainability of the organizations.

Joana Torres Ereio

Uría Menéndez - Proença de Carvalho
Programa de Contabilidade e Finanças

I was looking for a program that would allow me, while dealing with professional accounting-financial concepts, to consolidate and broaden knowledge in these areas. The PCF fulfilled - and surpassed - all my expectations: an organized and dynamic program with useful and captivating contents and, above all, an enthusiastic and very dedicated faculty.

Jorge Madeira

Programa de Contabilidade e Finanças

Apart from having a strong impact at a personal level, the Accounting and Finance Program for Non Finance Professionals is an excellent tool for improving one's capacity to better understand the effects of the financial component in any business, creating opportunities and improving performances. It helps to destroy the monster that the areas of Accounting and Finance are sometimes made out to be, removing obstacles and increasing levels of interaction. Based on an intense and stimulating program, in which eminently practical perspectives are combined with fundamental theoretical bases, the PCF equips participants with an important set of knowledge and the desire to learn more, transmitted by an excellent teaching faculty whose professional experience is a great asset.

Manuel de Macedo Santos

Project Finance Assistant
Novo Banco
Programa de Contabilidade e Finanças

The Accounting and Finance Program for Non Finance Professionals equips participants with the fundamental bases of Management Accounting and approaches the concepts necessary for evaluating investment and finance projects in a very structured and focused manner. It is the ideal tool for non finance professionals to learn corporate dynamics. As an aerospace engineer with two years of experience in strategic consulting and a year of experience with an investment bank, this program, taught by first rate professors, proved to be a critical factor in terms of improving my professional performance in the corporate world.


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


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